The Assessment

To kick things off, you’ll need about 15 minutes to take our assessment as individuals.
Culture at large feeds us a line about what great love looks like. So it can be tough to know how to start loving better, responding to your spouse as God’s love would.
Curious about areas of love where you’re winning–and which could use work? This assessment can help you hone in which of your strengths help your relationship sing, and which could use a tune-up.
Though we definitely encourage you to share your results with your spouse, not all couples will be ready for this. If you’re not ready to share everything just yet, perhaps share something that interests you or something you’d love your spouse to understand. But don’t just unload your frustration.
Based on your responses, we’ll provide targeted recommendations to help you love your spouse the way God loves us—and love like you mean it.

Taking The Assessment

  • If you’d prefer to keep your answers confidential from your spouse for now, use the coupon issued with your course purchase to create and use a separate login from your spouse.

  • If you don’t need confidential answers, your spouse can take the assessment directly after you using the “Restart Quiz” button.

  • You can skip any question. None are required. (If you choose to skip a question, your results will be negatively affected and may not accurately show where you are at; just keep that in mind!) Go as deeply as you want to, or cover just the basics.

  • You may opt-out of the assessment at any point by clicking to the final page and selecting “FINISH.” This allows you to avoid emotionally tough questions while still getting an adequate report.

  • Using the “Save Results as PDF” button at the bottom of your results, be sure to save your results to your device if you hope to review them later. Out of value for your privacy (!), we don’t save your responses.

IMPORTANT: FamilyLife respects your privacy and will not save any of your assessment responses or results. At the end of this course, you’ll be invited to retake this assessment to evaluate progress of your sexual health and wholeness! 

If you wish to save your results to your device, particularly to compare with your end-of-course results, please use the button below now. 

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