Every parent has questions. A lot of them.

Will my child turn out like me? Am I doing this right? Will my kids ever grow out of this? Who will I be when they’re gone? We’re here to address the multitude of concerns that parents have. And to help you enjoy your kids along the way.

Why Faith Matters

How does your belief system and your identity influence your needs? How does what you believe help you deal with personal difficulty and pain – like the challenges of parenting?

Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, and enter a conversation with FamilyLife president David Robbins as he speaks intimately about how to prevent the destructive, downward cycles that so often pull us into the whirlwind of a hopeless life.

See why faith matters, not only in your parenting, but in every area of your own life.

You’ll want this too!

We couldn’t fit all the parenting help you’ll need into a cute little box. Life doesn’t usually fit in pretty little boxes anyway. So we welcome you to our digital resources. We have printables, videos, and all kinds of help and ideas you’ll want along the way. If you’re a new parent, start with this milestone board.

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FamilyLife’s The Art of Parenting Online Course

As a parent, you are the number one influence on your children in every area of their life. For many busy parents and stepparents, it is common to treat raising children and practicing your own faith as two separate parts of life, yet they can be beautifully intertwined.

The best way to learn is from other parents who have applied timeless principles to the highs and lows of parenting. FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting does just that. It gives you a simple vision and creative ways to apply your faith with your children. So that you can make faith the core of your parenting.

Self-paced. Adaptable. Free.
This online course offers:

  • High-impact videos rooted in the reliable word of God
  • Activities, questions and printables
  • Bonus materials addressing a variety of parenting stages, specific parenting challenges, and marital help
  • A foundational “raising and releasing” activity for each child to capture your vision
  • Topics: Character, discipline, relationships, identity, mission & more.

Enjoy an in-depth library of inspiring, you’re-gonna-wanna-jot-notes videos from all kinds of parents – young, older, single, married, married, male, female, from blended families, short, tall, famous, not. Real people sharing helpful insights from God’s word and their purpose-filled, but not perfect lives.

You pick the best pace for you (or the pace life allows right now). Watch it bit by bit or binge it. It’s ready when you are – with a pause button.

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Parenting is hard.

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