Calling Men to

Courageous Manhood

Today, more than ever, the world needs godly men. Men who will step up and courageously lead at home, at church, at work, and in their communities. That’s the message of Stepping Up. In a world where too many men are shrinking back, Stepping Up gives men vision and tools to live godly, courageous lives.

Stepping Up gives men the vision and the tools to live godly, courageous lives.

Small-Group Event Series

Ten-week, small-group study for men dives deep into life-changing biblical content to show what it means to live godly courageous lives.


Dennis Rainey defines true manhood and challenges men at each step of life’s journey to reject passivity and embrace courage.


"The Stepping Up series was amazing. Nine men met each week and our attendance held strong the entire session. On night one, I was fielding questions about start and end times but by week three that was replaced with guys visiting for 30 minutes or longer after we wrapped up."

–Series leader

"I have to say this was a wake up call and a great reminder that I need to step up to become a better leader in my household. Also, a great reminder that I need to step up and gain courage to defeat the giants that have been hindering my walk with God. Going through this, I definitely gained my "bearings" on what it takes to step up and become a man of God!"

–Stepping Up participant

"A woman approached me this morning in tears. At first I was concerned that something was wrong, but she actually wanted to come and thank me for the Stepping Up classes we are currently holding. She was on the phone with her husband this morning and he . . . offered to pray with her, something he had not done in their previous 28 years of marriage."

–Series leader

"In one way or another, the men attending shared the revelation that in order for them to step up and step out in courageous manhood they need Christ and His power to be their fuel—their wisdom and strength."

–Stepping Up leader
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