Reconnect and thrive together in the beautiful masterpiece of a God-designed marriage with Art of Marriage.


Create the Better Story

Inspired by the global impact the classic Art of Marriage has had on millions of marriages, the all-new Art of Marriage is masterfully designed to inspire and equip today’s couples: whether newly married, seasoned, empty nesters, or part of a blended family. Creatively presented as videos, spoken word poetry, animations, group discussion questions, date night challenges, his and her devotionals and so much more, the six aspects of God’s powerful and perfect love can be understood and applied immediately.

Couples in every life circumstance will feel understood and equipped by the biblical wisdom and authentic stories from many wise marriage mentors.


FamilyLife, in partnership with RightNow Media, has assembled a compelling and diverse cast of artists, teachers, speakers, pastors, poets, Biblical experts, and just simple, real-life couples

With a refreshing openness that grabs you from the first session, this engaging ensemble candidly discusses a wide range of topics, everything from money, sex, love, habits, and communication, to in-laws, mental health, addiction, and work-life boundaries.


Art of the Good Stuff.

We all crave “the good stuff” in our marriages: resiliency, forgiveness, selflessness and all the rest. But how do we practice perfect love in our imperfect marriages? Essential aspects of God’s love are illuminated in Art of Marriage, bringing God’s example into practical application through six 30-minute sessions.

(Hebrew, heh-sed)

Unwavering Love.

(Hebrew, daw-bak’)

Resilient Love.

 (Greek, ah-GAH-pahy)

Selfless Love.

(Greek, loo-o’)

Forgiving Love.

(Hebrew, ya-daw’)

Intimate Love.

(Greek, yoo-ang-ghel’-ee-on)

Missional Love.

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Designed for

This marriage study is flexible enough to use in a variety of ways–as an event, a small group, a mentorship relationship, or an individual couples’ experience. The multiple video formats and an easy-to-use leader’s guide ensures your time is spent on people, not preparation. Experience the flexibility and customization you need to facilitate meaningful discussions and make a real impact on the lives of the couples around you.


Art of Marriage is powerful and entertaining, so you don’t have to be. Easy to use, Art of Marriage empowers you to lead naturally without worrying about technology, the non-readers in the group, or anything else. This study truly has something for everyone with accessibility even for the busiest of couples. For each of the six sessions, you play the video, encourage conversation with the discussion prompts, and guide couples to interact together with date night challenges and his and her devotionals. All you have to do is invite people, then trust God to use the study from there.


Art of Marriage is a life-changing, relevant resource to help marriages in your church and community flourish. Customize this series to your unique event or experience, or use one of our two sample event schedules. Play the videos, pick your favorite questions, grab some of the Word In Action challenges to use at your event, and encourage couples to put into action what they’ve learned with the help of our take-home workbooks. Each workbook is full of weeks of prepared date conversation starters, practical spouse-specific challenges, and devotionals. Watch your community and the critical relationships within it thrive!


Art of Marriage can be used as an enrichment and growth tool for your individual marriage, designed to help you experience the oneness that God intended for the true masterpiece that is your marriage. Additionally, you can invite a mentor couple to join you for added conversation and tailored advice for your particular needs and marriage goals.

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Can I preview session 1?

Yes! Session 1 is available to preview. Click Here.

What promotional materials are available?

We offer promotional materials for those who want to promote an Art of Marriage small group and video event. Click Here.

Is Art of Marriage available in other languages?

At this time, Art of Marriage is only available in English, but we are working to release it in several languages over the next few years.

What is the difference between The Art of Marriage classic released in 2011 and this new version?

While there is the same goal of applying the truth of Scripture to understand what a healthy marriage looks like, there are new featured contributors, new artistic elements, and a new structure to give practical guidance to live it all out.

Is there a separate version of Art of Marriage for events?

We created this version of the Art of Marriage to be adaptable, so it can be used in a small group or marriage event. A Leader Guide is included in the kit.

This provides tips and valuable information to facilitate an event; however, if you need additional assistance, our ministry advisors are happy to help.

Does bulk pricing apply to this resource?

Yes. There is a bulk pricing on the workbook. Depending on the quantity of workbooks you want to purchase, you can get a 10-20% discount.

Will The Art of Marriage classic still be sold?

Yes. We intend to sell the classic edition in some form as long as there is sufficient demand.
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Can everyone or just myself access the streaming content if I get this for my church?

Video access is intended for the purchaser and not an entire church. However, we understand there are circumstances when someone other than the kit purchaser needs access to the videos. Please do not share your login information as that has all your personal contact and payment information attached to it. If additional people need to access the videos, you have three options.

  1. Download the videos for later viewing.
  2. Request DVDs.
  3. After locating your original order confirmation email, please call us at 1-800-358-6329 Monday – Friday, between 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST. Additional streaming access is limited to three per kit purchase.

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