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Costs vary from mission to mission, but we typically try to keep the missions to $500-$1500 per person, plus airfare.

Your family can bring clean water and the gospel to families in desperate need of both.

The trip cost includes all in-country transportation, shared hotel or dormitory accommodations, three meals a day (plus drinking water), interpreter services, in-country visa fees, emergency evacuation assistance, and all taxes, tips, and fees.

The trip cost does not typically include airfare, pre-trip visa fees (if required), passport costs, immunizations, medications, baggage charges (unless you are asked to carry a bag for FamilyLife), trip cancellation insurance, airport meals, or additional gifts or snacks you choose to bring.

Raising funds is NOT required, but recommended. Inviting others to share in the mission through giving is a blessing to everyone involved. We will send resources to help know how to raise funds, as well as provide a personal giving page for each family to send out to friends and family who might want to make a donation. Still, if you’d rather pay out of pocket that is also an option.

Trip participants and their supporters can pay by credit card through the participant’s giving page. Payments can also be made by check made out to “FamilyLife.” All payments and donations are tax-deductible and non-refundable.

The schedule varies from place to place, and partnering ministry. Please see each mission option for more details. With that said, we do take into account that we will often have families with children and so take care to include a healthy mix of ministry training, ministry activity, educational and recreational time. Our trips are impactful AND fun!

Each mission will have suggested age ranges, but typically our missions will accommodate kids as young as 5 all through college age. Generally, we accept any combination of family members and individuals in any stage of life. From singles to married couples to parent/child combinations to large families, we consider them all for a mission.

While most mission trips taking families focus on work projects, we desire to give each family member the opportunity to participate in some sort of personal evangelism. Not only will we send pre-trip training materials, but we will also include some form of ministry training on a daily basis while on the mission, as well as actual ministry experiences. In addition, we will incorporate FamilyLife developed resources to foster unity and oneness among family members.

You can email the FL Missions Team at

Accommodations will vary depending on the country. Usually teams stay in a hotel or guest house chosen or recommended by our national hosts. Families will stay together, though if large enough, we might have multiple families stay in the same house with individual living quarters and shared space, like a kitchen and living room. If you prefer a room only with your family, depending on the location, a single supplement fee may be charged.

It depends on the location and partnering ministry, but our top priority is to provide the types of opportunities where each family member can participate in evangelism and outreach. Whether it’s distributing water filters, holding spiritually provocative signs, or hosting a community gathering in an underprivileged neighborhood, we will be engaging people in gospel conversations.

We lean towards 5-8 families, or around 30 people per mission. Depending on the mission and location, we might accept more or less.

This will depend on the length and location of each mission. In general, you will need to pack clothes appropriate for the culture and weather, toiletries, and Bible/devotional materials. Prior to the mission, each family will receive a “GoPac” containing specific information for your location and mission, including a detailed packing list.

For international missions, the team will typically eat meals prepared by locals, and therefore cannot guarantee any dietary accommodations. It is advised that you research the typical food of the region to see if it can work with your needs. For stateside missions, we will do our best to accommodate the major allergens (gluten, dairy, nuts) for team meals.

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