Cru Staff Offer

Just the two of us.

✓ A breath of fresh air for your marriage. For free.

✓ Help Ministry Partners find a better forever, too. (They save $250!)

Ministry marriages, while they have many perks, they also face their own challenges. Take a proactive step toward helping your marriage grow into what God intends for it to be.

Hear about how other staff experienced Weekend to Remember:

So, Cru staff attend our Weekend to Remember getaway totally free. (You’ll only pay for hotel and meals!)

“The speakers were very dynamic and engaging, while also bringing up topics that kept me thinking “wow, me too” .  Throughout the weekend, I found myself appreciating [my wife] more! I find it easy for me to just zone out, rather than engaging and pursuing my family well. I was reminded of how every time I choose that, I am continually drifting away from my wife and kids. ” – Cru staff husband

I expected a few takeaways from the weekend, but I had no idea that I’d walk away from every session with practical steps on how to improve and prioritize our marriage. The sessions were so practical and engaging. I think being in that environment helped me to really value and appreciate [my husband] for who he is and all he does for our family. –Cru staff wife

Say “thanks”—with a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Give back to your married and engaged ministry partners by allowing them to experience a Weekend to Remember for themselves.

FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember hands them a stronger, closer marriage and practical tools that keep on giving – for only $100/couple. (That’s $250 off! Use promo code CruThanks.)

We’ll make it even easier with promo materials for your prayer letter.

The nine other couples that joined us loved the weekend. We met just a few days after attending the conference to debrief on what we had learned and were processing. It was so refreshing to be with like-minded people who really want their marriages to thrive. – Cru staff member