Start a stepfamily ministry

minister to stepfamilies in your community

Is God calling you to minister to blended families? Learn how you can help prevent redivorce.

Stepfamilies comprise a significant portion of societies throughout the world. The unique dynamics of stepfamily living present many barriers to marital oneness and family harmony, which is one reason the divorce rate for blended family couples is 10-25% higher than couples in first marriages. When was the last time you taught a marriage course specifically for stepcouples? Have you modified your premarital ministry to help couples anticipate the unique challenges of stepfamily life?
Now you can join churches all over the world who are upgrading their marriage ministries to equip stepcouples to build homes of redemption. Take these steps:

1 - Become educated about the unique dynamics of stepfamily living and learn the essential elements of blended family ministry. Suggested resource: Ministering to Stepfamilies DVD.

2 - Share what you’ve learned with key leaders in your church and identify your leadership team. Also, share this Marriage Ministry Tip Sheet with your marriage ministry leaders and ask them to insert teaching for blended family couples into their educational programs.

3 - Choose your ministry strategy: You might host a conference, start a small group/Bible study, modify your existing marriage and parent training to address stepfamily realities, or do all of the above.

Suggested resources for group or individual use: 1) Start with The Smart Stepfamily DVD Small Group Resourceand 2) then study The Smart Stepfamily Marriage 

For information on hosting a stepfamily conference with bestselling author Ron Deal, click here.

4 - Learn as much about blended families as you can and become familiar with the resources available. Start by reading The Smart Stepfamilybut become familiar with The Smart Stepmom, The Smart Stepdad, The Smart Stepfamily Marriage, and Dating and the Single Parent (for singles). 

5 - Contact our ministry advisor, Debbie Wood, for guidance as you implement your blended family ministry.  Contact her today at or 1-501-228-2359. 

In addition, checkout these online resources from Ron Deal's Smart Stepfamilies Ministry: