Welcome to your new normal. The global pandemic is hitting all of our homes. We’re stuck inside while the rest of life is canceled.

But as we all know, home isn’t canceled. No one knows how long we’ll be here so we’re deciding to settle in and together find ways to make the most of it.

At FamilyLife, we believe your family can grow closer to God, grow stronger together, and serve your neighbors abundantly during this crisis.

Start here for a few ways to roll with the quarantine this week while keeping your faith and your family strong.


Watch our Facebook live Q&A

Recorded on March 24, Brian Goins, vice president of content at FamilyLife, and Ron Deal, licensed marriage and family therapist and director of FamilyLife Blended, went live on Facebook to answer your specific questions about how to handle the COVID-19 crisis with your family.

Navigate Your New Normal

Brian Goins, vice president of content at FamilyLife, and Ron Deal, licensed marriage and family therapist and director of FamilyLife Blended, discussed unique challenges facing families today with the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the Facebook video above for their 4 tips on navigating your new normal.

Tips for creating a new schedule at home

None of us planned on becoming homeschool parents or sharing office space with our spouse — overnight. But here we are. #FamilyLifeWTR speaker couple Brian and Jen Goins have some excellent and humorous insights on how to survive this new normal with everyone in your household.

“4 Ways to Not be a Coronavirus Divorce Statistic”….and other helpful articles.


The Goodness of God in the Face of a Pandemic

Hosts Dave and Ann Wilson and co-host Bob Lepine join Dr. John Piper to discuss his new and timely book “Coronavirus and Christ.”

The Coronavirus: Responding to Fear with Wisdom and Faith

When a pandemic strikes, what should Christians do? Perhaps just as importantly, what should we not do. On this special edition of FamilyLife Today, we’ll hear from FamilyLife President David Robbins, along with Dave and Ann Wilson and Bob Lepine, as they discuss a Christian response to COVID-19.

Hope Isn't Canceled

FamilyLife Today hosts Dave and Ann Wilson bring us six W’s of hope for families during COVID-19 in this special broadcast.

When Providence Brings a Plague

FamilyLife Today’s Bob Lepine brings a wise and seasoned perspective to what God is doing in the world amidst COVID-19. He offers us two options on how to view the current crisis in this special broadcast.

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Caring at a Distance

How we can comfort, encourage and bear one another’s burdens from afar? We’ve put together a free collection of suggestions and tips to help you care for others at a distance.

Coronavirus and Christ

Download John Piper’s new book, Coronavirus and Christ free. Available in ePub, PDF, Kindle, and audiobook.

Grieving from a Distance

How do we face grief without the usual markers of a house of mourning–our churches, communities, families? We hope Grieving from a Distance will help you work through this difficult time.

30 Ways to Connect While Homebound

What if your spontaneous #virusvacation meant your family got closer? We’ve got 30 ways to connect while you’re home together.  Download the activity sheet.

Covid-19 Bingo

Let’s have a little fun. How many of these have you done during the quarantine? Share a screenshot to your Instagram story to invite your friends to play along. 

Soul-Care Homecation

Download our FREE pack of ideas for a Soul-Care Homecation. Maybe it’s hard to envision anything ending in “-cation.” But amidst fear swallowing much of the world, we want to help you embrace the invitation of God’s care for your soul.

Navigating Your "New Normal" Compass

Download these 4 points to keep you anchored during this trying time. Then spend time meditating on each of the corresponding verses. 

5 easy steps to an At-Home Worship Service

Church is canceled but growing spiritually doesn’t have to be. Use these easy tips to bring church home, right into your living room. You can do this!


This 10-day devotional, Unshaken, will be rest for your weary soul in this time. No matter what is happening around you or how unsteady the world feels, God is our sure and stable foundation.

Small Group Videos

Think social distancing means no small groups? Think again! We’ve made the videos from our favorite studies available online—totally free! Get access here and share the link with some friends. Your small group discussion is just a video chat away.

*Free access to small group videos will be available through May 31, 2020.

Build Faith into Your Kids

We have partnered with Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, as he launches a new way to bring faith to our kids. He is offering free access to his full digital library exclusively for our FamilyLife audience.

To take advantage of this offer, select the Monthly Plan subscription and enter the COUPON code: FAMILYLIFE

* Please note that this offer is only good for six weeks of free content.

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