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toxic people

Toxic People and How to Respond

Having fantasy arguments in your head or Facebook fights with toxic people? It’s tiring! But defending your reputation might not be worth your time.

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What God Really Thinks about Women

“I think the bottom line is that God just doesn’t like women,” my friend shared her frustration. But is that the truth about us?

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The allure of Rachel Hollis

Girl, You Can Be Fierce: The Allure of Rachel Hollis

What is it about Rachel Hollis that makes her so appealing to hundreds and thousands of women? I get why she satisfies and why she doesn’t.

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Ladies, Find Your Beauty in God’s Eyes

Society tells women they are not naturally beautiful. But what does God say?

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Masculinity is not toxic

Words Can Be Toxic; Masculinity Is Not

Toxic masculinity, the new term in vogue powering today’s cultural discussion, is concerning. The answer certainly cannot be vilifying masculinity.

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Marie Kondo helped

How Marie Kondo Helped My Tupperware Drawer … and My Marriage

At first I found the KonMari tidying method to be humorous. But my husband says it’s attractive to him when I clean and organize our home.

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Toxic masculinity

Lose the Toxic, Not the Masculinity

The Gillette ad is just the latest in a series of negative narratives featuring men.

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70 Things We Love About Grandpa

Donna Reish wanted to make her father’s seventieth birthday extra special.

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Tribute to Ron and Cleve Boehi

Following is an example of a tribute.

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Caring for Older Parents

Caring for Older Parents: Heeding the Fifth Commandment

Whatever problems may develop, my commitment is to do whatever it takes to help my parents, respect them, and honor them.

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The Role of a Stepgrandparent

As a stepgrandparent, you can be an important and influential role in the family with a little grace and wisdom.

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Realities of the Caregiving Journey

Taking care of our elderly parents is a journey into the character of Christ.

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“Just Get Used to It”

Over 25 years of marriage have taught my husband and me how to adjust to each other’s families.

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Tribute to mom

“We Will Be a Family”

How six adult children honored the single mother who raised them.

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Handling correction

The Art of a Loving Rebuke

When it’s necessary to confront and correct someone, do it in a way that puts a priority on the relationship.

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Grandparent boundaries

Grandparent Boundaries

We live in an age when the role of grandparents isn’t clearly defined.

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A Woman’s Greatest Fear?

It’s hard not to have control, and one thing that we can’t ever determine is what lies ahead.

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Remarriage affecting adult children

4 Steps Grandparents Can Take When Relationships Are Broken

Your grandchildren need you. Do not abandon them.

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Passing on a Heritage of Faith to Your Grandchildren

We need to be grandparents who focus on what matters, on what lasts.

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The Incredible Importance of Grandparenting

As a grandparent, do you realize you are second only to the parents in your potential to impact your grandchildren spiritually?

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Mission using Stepping Up

From Homelessness to Hope

At the Atlanta Mission, men are learning from the Stepping Up video series that the first step to transformation is a willingness to change.

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Grandparents spiritual legacy

14 Ways to Leave a Spiritual Legacy to Your Grandchild

How will your grandchildren remember you?

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Role as men

5 Assignments God Gives to Men

When a man lives up to his role, life-giving things start to happen.

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Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy

Remembering Truett Cathy

Chick-fil-A’s founder was a true patriarch for Jesus Christ.

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Creative Ways to Teach Your Grandchildren About Life

As grandparents, we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to influence our grandchildren.

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Declaration of Independence

The Courage of America’s Founding Fathers

On July 4, 1776, 56 men stepped up to pass a resolution that would cost many of them greatly in the years to come.

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My Two Incredible Mothers

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think of my mother and my mother-in-law and the influence they had on my life.

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Honoring mom on Mother's Day

He Changed His Last Name

Thirty years after his mother’s death, Rob Smith found an unusual way to honor her.

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Manly Men Guard Their Territory

The key to powerful manhood is taking responsibility for the field assigned to you.

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Honoring my parents

The Amazing Power of Honoring Your Parents

When I hear stories like this, I realize that the commandment to honor our parents is far more important, and far more powerful, than most of us realize.

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