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We’ll help you talk to your kids about sex (so Google doesn’t have to)

Ready to talk to kids about sex? It’s time.

Step 1: Start here

Teaching our kids about sex is our big opportunity to shape their lifelong worldview to honor marriage and God’s best design—offering our kids a high view of sex. 

So when you’re ready to dive into this conversation with your kids, we’re here to walk you through it. 

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

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Step 3: Do your prep work by reading through these two pieces.

Talking To Your Kids About Sex: Why, When, and How
Sexual Wholeness
Talking To Your Kids About Sex: Why, When, and How

While your parents may have dreaded talking to you about sex, you get to change the narrative. Because talking to your kids about sex is not just talking to them about sex.

Talking To Kids About Sex? Don’t Forget About Identity
Sexual Wholeness
Talking To Kids About Sex? Don’t Forget About Identity

Identity and sex are vitally tied—and not just in LGBT+ conversations. In talking to kids about sex, identity is more important than you think.

Step 4. Identify the age and stage of your child(ren) below.

Ready for a lifecycle of “the Talk”? Protect your kids through intentional, thoughtful discipleship about sex as they grow.

Younger Kids (3-9)

It’s sobering: Some studies place the average age for porn exposure at 9 years old.

Protect your kids by talking openly with them about sex. Find out when, how, and what to say.
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Romance and sex can begin between 11 and 14 – and 4 out of 10 teens feel pressured to have sex from sex-ed classes.

In an increasingly sexualized world, you might be surprised at what your preteen needs to know.
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Your kids are creeping toward adulthood. It’s not time to dial back real discussion of their real questions.

As their world and dilemmas tremendously increase in sexual complexity, make sure you’re having all the conversations that matter.
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young adults

Your authority has changed. But your influence still matters.

Keep them talking as they navigate tough issues of adult sexuality.
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