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coronavirus divorce statistic

4 Ways to Not Be a Coronavirus Divorce Stati...

A recent article predicted a rise in divorces due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Here are four ways you can avoid becoming a coronavirus divorce statistic.
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Is a happy divorce possible?

Is “Happy Divorce” a Thing?

And if there are really no tears, no heartache, and we can remain friends–is divorce really the most healing and whole option?
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What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? When...

Too many couples today decide that if their marriage isn't working, they should get out. But the Scriptures point to a God who can bring healing.
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Divorce Changes the Flavor of Memories

How many couples considering divorce underestimate the impact it will have on their children?
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Dealing with an ex-spouse

Coping With a Difficult Ex-Spouse

These 10 tips will help you in your discouragement.
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The Myth of the “Sophisticated Divorce...

The idea that the ending of a marriage can be anything but devastating is a fantasy that all divorced parents want and so few achieve.
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I Am Divorced

Poem as read by Dennis Rainey on the radio broadcast of "FamilyLife Today".
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Q&A: Help Your Spouse Overcome Guilt

How can I encourage my spouse when he regrets decisions from his past?
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The pain of divorce never goes away for the children.
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Death of a Family

This letter reminds me that every effort I make to preserve my marriage and my family is worth it.
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Child of divorce

When Life Hurts: Understanding Stepchildren...

Children in stepfamilies have experienced a multitude of losses and difficulties, and the death of a parent or a parental divorce is just the beginning. 
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