Celebrating Family for Black History Month

We think family is amazing! God’s design for families is beautiful and unique. Celebrate with us the strength and history of Black Families and Marriages with this collection of resources. There’s something for the whole family of God! 

Heroes of the Faith

Elgin and Dorothy Taylor were the first African-American missionaries to the orient. Read their story ➞

Maria Fearing was born in slavery, yet became a missionary to Africa at the age of 56. Read her story ➞

William Henry Sheppard was one of the earliest African Americans to become a missionary for the Presbyterian Church. Read his story ➞


with Lamar and Ronnie Tyler

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, founders of the website, “Black and Married with Kids,” realized that making a blended family work was more difficult than they initially thought, but they were determined to persevere. Fed up with pervasive negative images of black marriages in the media, the Tylers tell why they started their website, which promotes positive images of marriage and family in the black community.

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Conversations about racial reconciliation need to start at home. Discover how how to process and do this well from a biblical perspective. Learn what to say to friends who are hurting and more.


by Leslie Barner

Christians share a common identity in Christ, which takes precedence over ethnicity and every other difference that tends to divide us.

by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt

We cannot live redemptive lives and hate our neighbor. Diversity in relationships not only shows unity to the world but also builds in our own hearts a love for others.

by Leslie Barner

The truth is, no people group is immune from challenges. And no one group is the standard for virtuous lives, marriage, or families.

by Carlos Santiago

So what does the Bible say about racism? A lot (from Genesis all the way to Revelation). The question is, will we listen?

by Janel Breitenstein

When it comes to talks about racial discrimination, mercy and grace are needed on all sides. But the most effective change happens face-to-face.

by Leslie Barner

In February, we have the opportunity to learn more about the strength and history of Black individuals. Check out these ideas for celebrating Black History Month with your family.