“I choose to invest my life into FamilyLife because, as I re-entered the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for five years, I wanted my work to matter since it would take my time away from my family. I am grateful to be able to use my talents to affect the changes that God can use to save a marriage or secure the legacy of a family. It makes my work worthwhile and removes some of the guilt of being a working mom.”


Would you prayerfully consider if this is where the Lord is leading you to serve?

Open Positions

If you see a role or two you are interested in, or have questions, let’s talk.  Please fill out this form and our team will reach out to you promptly!

Local Movement Leader – Orlando

Create Networks for Win Build Send Ministry in the context of Marriage and Family Ministry. Give leadership to a team of Christ-like multipliers (guides) who launch & build a win, build, send movement in the context of marriage and Family to reach every home.


Learn the Community

  • Able to embrace creating something from nothing (entrepreneurial spirit).
  • Engage in systematic learning of felt needs, pain points, and strategic opportunities in your local marriage and family space (learn from individuals, groups, churches, etc)
  • Explore collaboration and partnership opportunities with churches and organizations that adds value to the church/organization.
  • Explore sustainable ways to connect with marriages and families far from God.
  • Prototype offerings to minister to the felt needs and pain points (especially for the rising generation of 20 and 30 somethings, and people of various ethnic backgrounds)
  • Discovering some fresh ways of ministering WITH people, not just TO people.
  • Mobilize and encourage an environment that proactively builds relationship, trust, and partnership across cultures.
  • Learn with your team basic principles, practices, and cultural competency in order to effectively bring the gospel to every home.

Lead a Team

  • Provide vision and direction; lead your team through consistent strategic planning processes
  • Coach and shepherd your team by loving them, serving them and caring for them.
  • Make sure that each team member is in a cycle of development. Cycle of planning and development
  • Equip and empower your team toward effectiveness in the mission.
  • Lead your team to embrace and launch ministry in various cultures.

Line-up Resources

  • Build teams of Christ-centered guides by wisely selecting from varying ethnic backgrounds, allocating and empowering staff, volunteers and partners.
  • Identify and ensure that your team has the necessary resources (money, supplies, expertise and technology) and is allocating them effectively to reach your scope.


Vision caster who is strong in discernment, listening, and encouraging others to take next steps of faith. A mobilizer is the first touch point to journey with people who are feeling called to be a part of something bigger and join a movement of people looking to win, build and send in the context of marriage and family.

Direct Mail & Telemarketing Fundraising Strategist

Serves as a project manager on the Donor Communications team by creating and executing direct mail fundraising appeals and telemarketing campaigns to raise funds for key FamilyLife projects.
Overseeing and implementing processes, collecting and managing resources, writing creative briefs, and directing work of freelancers and internal staff writers. Assists in reviewing and editing services for fundraising appeals and will serve on a cross-functional ministry team to develop overall strategies for ongoing ministry campaigns and working with the Digital Marketing Project Manager to fully align messaging and strategy.

National Ministry Rep

Mediator who helps connect others to events like FamilyLife’s NEW Weekend to Remember Getaway and other events that share the gospel and are designed to not only provide present help and hope but be a catalytic event to launch people to win, build, and send in their local communities. Not only connecting others to FamilyLife events but coming alongside churches and communities to use trusted resources to fuel movements for Christ in the context of marriage and family.

Data Integration Engineer

Supports and helps design and implement the integration architecture that will be used in interconnecting FamilyLife’s ecosystem. Work with other technical resources to build necessary connectivity and move data between systems in accordance with goals and objectives as well as provide technical support and collaboration with project team members.


If you love connecting with people, praying for them, writing notes, and encouraging them in their ministry role as raving fans and monthly supporters of FamilyLife, this role is for you. The Legacy Partner participants are people who fund FL outreaches by giving on a monthly basis. We want these ministry partners to truly feel like they are “insiders” by having Legacy Partner champions personally connecting with them to express our gratitude and encourage their ongoing involvement.

Social Media Manager

This role plans, creates, and executes the social media strategy for the ministry and reports on results. This role is expected to collaborate with various departments to develop relevant, content for all social channels/platforms that will encourage users/followers to engage. The incumbent is responsible for growing our social followers, engaging and retaining them, and help converting them into leads, constituents, and active fans and promoters of our ministry.

Social Media Designer

The Social Media Designer is responsible for the development of social media design content, including but not limited to social banners, FB (Facebook) graphics, Instagram Graphics, social sharing graphics in articles, and social media content download designs. This position will support the parent brand pages primarily but will also provide design support to other social media pages a capacity allows.

Event Planner

Detailed oriented individual looking to use organizational and project management skills to plan and execute FamilyLife’s NEW Weekend to Remember getaways and other events as a way to reach people with the gospel, provide present day help and hope and encourage others to live on mission. An Event Planner is on the frontlines of these events connecting with hotels, making sure staff, attendees, and volunteers have what they need to make these events catalytic movements that propel communities into spiritual multiplication in the context of marriage and family.

Web Content Implementation Specialist

The Web Content Implementation Specialist is responsible for updating FamilyLife’s websites and associated content. This position is responsible for building, uploading, and deploying digital content and ensures ongoing improvements to the website. The Web Content Implementation Specialist will help manage the integrated content workflow coming from the marketing, audio, creative and other ministry teams to ensure that all requested content is flowing smoothly onto the websites.

Digital Fundraising Strategist

This position is accountable for the creation/development, management, and execution of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy responsible for generating $3-$4 million in revenue. A key objective for this position is to develop ongoing acquisition strategies and digital marketing content to achieve year-on-year growth of our donor base and lift existing donors to achieve increasing average gift size per donor.

Chief of Staff of Donor Operations

Serves as the project and logistics manager by supporting donor initiatives, and overseeing the donor operations support team with data analytics and benchmarking, and working with internal partners and external vendors. Communicates and works together with Cru donations processes and data maintenance.

For this position:

  • Oversee department wide business processes, best practices, and initiatives in budgeting, records retention, and operationalizing prayer responses to donors.
  • Lead cross-departmental team building, culture and positive work environment.
  • Strategize with department managers on continuous improvement of support processes and business reporting that would enable teams to operate effectively and efficiently.
  • Lead in integration of FamilyLife and Cru donations processes and support services.
  • Serve as the database liaison with Cru Fund Dev Services and IT in prioritization of donations processing projects along with Salesforce and Seible CRM systems integration.
  • Work with other ministry fund development departments to understand strengths, weaknesses and innovative opportunities.
  • Manage the Donor Department annual budgeting and monthly tracking processes with ongoing hygiene of department charges.
  • Collaborate with legal for ongoing management and renewal of third party contracts.
  • Manage operation projects by tracking tasks in Wrike and working with IT on data project support requirements.
  • Manage all aspects of processing, tracking and acknowledgement of donor gifts. The Operations team is responsible for managing all tiers of the donor thank you process from General File to Major Donor to Executive donors.
  • Manage data hygiene by updating donor information, accurate caseload attribution, eliminating duplicate records, and ongoing optimization of database functionality.
  • Oversee donor development dashboards and reporting, work with the Donor Communications Manager to optimize donor communication segmentation lists.
  • Oversee operational projects including the third party estate plan mailing service, monthly Legacy Partner donation program, and monthly donor lifting project analysis to identify lifting candidates out of the General File.

OTHER FUNCTIONS: (Non-essential):

  • Serve as a consultant for other ministries on various development projects as needed.
  • Demonstrate and model personal spiritual discipline and assist in development of an environment on the team where individual team members grow in their own Christian walks.
  • Personal development – engage in the Staff Development process including creating and implementing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) targeting areas of growth.
  • Perform related duties or special projects as assigned.


Provide oversight and give work direction to the Donor Operations support team consisting of data, clerical, and administrative project staff.

Sr. Enterprise Information Analytics and Reporting Analyst

This individual will work across diverse ministry areas of Content Development, Ministry Development, Donor Development, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, and Global Outreach to implement the enterprise data and analytics strategy. This role will work with the manager up EIM to drive common set of information governance principles, processes and tools to improve data integrity, quality, governance, availability, and usability.

The individual will also work with the Cru Engineering team to design and load the date warehouse. Managing information as an asset is critical to support operational excellence through integration of business and enabling CRM capabilities.

Mastering Engineer

Responsible for the M step of production within the Audio Group RPM production model and for the final archival security of all finished programs and other content.

  • Coordinate with the field and other audio capture (recording sessions).
  • Assist in recording setups and as a second studio engineer, as required.
  • Assist as a grip or other helper on large audio / video recordings.
  • Analyze the reviewing, mastering, sharpening, and refining multi-guest spoken word recorded interviews.
  • Manage and track details through the production process to ensure all files are correctly labeled.
  • Schedule FamilyLife manifesto agreements with guest for signatures.

Print Specialist

Manage all assigned projects through the product development process from concept to completion to ensure all products are delivered to the warehouse on schedule, on budget and with excellence. Coordinate the purchasing, sampling/prototyping print production and manufacturing of assigned publishing projects.

Manage and track assigned projects through the editorial, design, and production process to warehouse delivery.

  • Facilitate cross-functional team meetings to ensure stakeholders are aware of project schedule, their deliverables, and stay on task by enforcing project deadlines.
  • Manage the budget projections and development, project set up, spec development, competitive bid procurement, print provider pre-qualification and selection.
  • Oversee PO requests and scheduling transfer of art files, production management and troubleshooting, fulfillment management.
  • Analyze the pre-press proof review, acting as liaison for internal stakeholders, on- press job approvals, approval of delivered materials, and invoice approval, submission, and tracking.
  • Develop or recommend processes and products that give Family Life an edge and/or improve inefficiencies and reduce expenses.

OTHER FUNCTIONS: (Non-essential):

  • Perform product set up; assist with developing project budgets.
  • Oversee vendors.
  • Track inventory depletion and initiate reprints as needed.
  • Collaborate with ministry unit leaders and brand managers around sales projections and order quantities; manage shipping methods with vendors.
  • Negotiate agreeable resolution with vendor for post-production quality issues.
  • Create mock-ups and prototypes, provide CAD drawings as needed.

Demonstrate and model personal spiritual discipline and assist in development of an environment on the team where individual team members grow in their own Christian walks.

Personal development – engage in the Staff Development process including creating and implementing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) targeting areas of growth. Perform related duties or special projects as assigned.

Local Movements Chief of Staff – Orlando

Serves as a leader and assists with the planning and implementation of the strategic vision of the FamilyLife Local ministry by overseeing and developing processes. Provides key leadership in inter-departmental relationships. Promotes communication and cooperation among divisions to create a spirit of unity in the Local Movement ministry.


  • Work with the National Director and Local Lead Team to set strategic priorities for FamilyLife Local.
  • Develop agendas for the executive team and lead team meetings in conjunction with the National Director. Work with the National Director on calendar management.
  • Coordinate with the National Director and lead team members in implementation of and reporting on projects that support the strategic priorities.
  • Ensure effective communication within the team, cross-functionally, and within outside CRU ministries. Assign other lead team members, as appropriate to inter-department collaboration projects.
  • Coordinate with the Operations Manager on personal and placement issues within the Local team.
  • Coordinate with Operations Manager on monthly financial reports and account management.
  • Manage inter-departmental strategic projects.

OTHER FUNCTIONS (Non-essential)

  • Demonstrate and model personal spiritual discipline and assist in development of an environment on the team where individual team members grow in their own Christian walks.
  • Personal development – engage in the Staff Development process including creating and implementing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) targeting areas of growth.
  • Perform related duties or special projects as assigned


  • Supervise the Operations Manager
  • Supervise other members of the Lead Team as determined by the National Director
  • Manage close relationships with liaisons from HR, Development, and Ministry Representative Team

Innovative Event Ministry Team Manager (Orlando)

Recruit, manage, support, and serve all Ministry Team for all Innovative Events. Ministry Teams include: speakers, artists, entertainers, volunteers, and sponsors for various events.


Pre-event Responsibilities

  • Artist / entertainer / speaker offers and recruitment and review FLToday speakers for possible involvement on the cruise – interface with audio team for recommendations.
  • Artist / entertainer / speaker negotiations and contract details and tracking
  • Volunteer recruitment, communication, training, onsite management, appreciation, and reporting (Cruise scheduling works with Business/Project Manager)
  • Event sponsor recruitment (For events that have this) including updating the packages and pricings each event.
  • Responsible for Ministry Team event registration (may be accomplished through a reporting position*)
  • MT communication plans and Ensure payment for all speakers, artists, etc. and Work with onsite event store manager to secure any artist / speaker product — responsible for this process.
  • Arrange sponsors shipments for booth materials

Onsite Responsibilities

  • Ministry Team transportation to / from / during events and MT lodging and manage any MT concierge service needed onsite including artist / speaker hospitality strategies.
  • Volunteer management and training and Sponsor booth setup plan and assistance and Set up /manage onsite check-in for various events

Post Event Responsibilities

  • Evaluation of the Volunteer / MT process and experience and make adjustments accordingly and reporting results of the event to MT

Other Responsibilities:

  • Participate in planning / creating innovative events and Manage potential support staff to this role
  • Learn / understand Cvent & Rezmagic reservation systems and know how to do a defined list of tasks within them
  • Run the prayer strategy for various event with input from IE Director and Blended Manager
  • Assist the Speaker Team Manager with speaker retreat tasks – attend and serve at the speaker retreat.

Content Relationship Coordinator

Liaise and build relationships with social media, blogging, and podcast influencers who are also friends of FamilyLife.


  • Enthusiastically and professionally initiate, build, and engage in regular influential relationships with social media influencers, podcasters, and bloggers to further increase the reach of FamilyLife to new people and demographic groups.
  • Promptly distribute FamilyLife (at times exclusive) resources, downloads, marketing copy, and perks to drive marketing and name-acquisition efforts.
  • Assist in development and implementation of tiered reward system for varying levels of influencer promotion/participation.
  • Represent FamilyLife well to influencers and in social media with promptness, professionalism, gentility, etc. Occasionally broker conflict with a frustrated or problematic influencer.
  • Monitor, research, and strategically capitalize on trends and opportunities in social media, podcasting, and blogging to provide the most relevant services to influencers.
  • Assist in concepting responsive, relevant downloads and marketing opportunities.
  • Communicate with social media director regarding social media cross-promotion, etc.
  • Creatively suggest to FamilyLife further opportunities with influencers.
  • Obtain necessary copy, images, downloads, etc. for influencer communications
  • Project manage responses from influencers and timely distribution of requested resources.
  • Monitor influencers’ social media and related statistics to evaluate fulfillment/effectiveness of commitments/relationships, as well as for cross-promotion opportunities and mentions on FamilyLife social media.

Staff Communications Specialist (Orlando)

FamilyLife’s Staff Communications Specialist is a strategic, collaborative communications professional who creates and implements staff communication strategies that support FamilyLife’s cultural values and help the ministry succeed in caring well for staff. This position works collaboratively and cross-functionally on a variety of employee communications projects that strengthen our internal brand reputation while also informing, inspiring and mobilizing FamilyLife employees to support ministry wide priorities.


  • Provide comprehensive staff communications support for ministry wide teams
  • Draft staff communications and serve as staff communications counsel for senior leadership as needed
  • Craft staff communications for brand communication plans including ministry announcements, brand campaigns, and ministry launches
  • Collaborate with the Brand Communications Manager and Brand Marketing team to align staff communications with external constituent communications plans, aligning both strategy and tone so that ministry teams communicate with one voice
  • Administrator for the Internal Communications FamilyLife Staff group on Workplace.
  • Extend staff communications to the group, review/approve posts from FamilyLife staff, moderate comments in the group, and enforce messaging guidelines for the group
  • Weekly staff “in the Know” newsletter implementation including collecting submissions from staff, decision-making regarding alignment with “In the Know” guidelines, and newsletter deployment in email and via Workplace
  • Collaborate with leadership and LDHR team to create staff team meeting agendas and host or moderate staff team meetings as needed
  • Brand Team representative and liaison with FamilyLife Culture & Communications Team
  • CRM Analyst (Orlando)

    Provide insight to drive improved retention and efficiency to meet growth objectives. Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations to identify opportunities for lift. Develop the tools necessary to enable continuous improvement of marketing performance through analysis of marketing programs and constituent performance models and campaign analysis. The position is focused on providing well-conceived, accurate and impactful information to assist management in making decisions to improve performance.


    • Analyze data as it relates to existing constituents through CRM, BI, Salesforce and other data sources.
    • Offer insights from marketing/brand and CRM analytics to suggest solutions to address constituent needs.
    • Collaborate and offer strategic input regarding multi-channel marketing, acquisition and content marketing campaigns.
    • Perform analysis underpinning key strategic and tactical initiatives. Provide management with data-based support for decisions and strategies.
    • Design, measure, test initiatives to drive communication and targeted marketing — included but not limited to propensity and response driver analyses. Support loyalty
      program and lifecycle marketing.
    • Structure, direct and perform detailed data collection and analysis of marketing operations, performance metrics, costs and constituent segmentation to enable growth
      and efficiency.
    • Ensure that all integrated marketing campaigns embrace monitoring, measurement, analysis, and continuous optimization.
    • Manage and maintain predictive models and constituent segmentation schemas.
    • Develop high-level summaries of analytics and findings in clear and concise terms.

    Specific areas of analysis include:

    • marketing operations process and financial analysis
    • forecasting, market segmentation
    • predictive modeling, package analysis
    • trend analysis
    • variance analysis
    • explanation and timely performance reporting.
    • Drive the process of institutional intelligence from problem/opportunity to data to information to knowledge
    • Quantify system-wide tangible and intangible benefits related to loyalty metrics and lifetime value of marketing driven activities.
    • Translate analyses into high-level, executive presentations with emphasis on delivery of meaningful information and comparisons providing insight into drivers of decisions.

    Brand Marketing Manager – Resources (Orlando)

    The Brand Marketing Manager builds that awareness by developing and executing marketing strategies to meet family needs and maximize constituent acquisition. This role will collaborate across internal teams, craft promotional messaging/creative, and work to publish or distribute them to new audiences. This role will specifically create awareness of FamilyLife resource categories, new resource offerings, and Weekend to Remember getaways.


    • Lead the implementation of marketing plans to acquire new constituents by creating awareness of FamilyLife’s resource categories (Events, Online Courses, Podcast Network), new priority resource offerings, and Weekend to Remember Getaways.
    • Establish positioning, identify target audiences, and develop campaigns for approved brand marketing initiatives
    • Work with creative vendors to develop creative and messaging libraries needed for plan implementation
    • Analyze customer insights, constituent trends, market analysis, marketing ROMI, and industry marketing/media best practices to optimize plans and creative libraries
    • Serve as brand team radio media buyer, acting as a liaison with Ambassador Advertising to place and optimize radio ad buys for Weekend to Remember (as needed)
    • Partner with marketing automation, social and web teams to design and create conversion and cultivation tactics
    • Work with Brand Marketing Specialist to implement brand marketing tactics within FamilyLife channels
    • Manage marketing plan budgets and optimize to maximize ROMI

    Brand Optimization Specialist

    The Optimization Specialist is responsible for implementing ministry wide constituent experience optimization efforts. The role involves a high level of collaboration across teams included but not limited to web development, marketing automation, channel managers, event teams, and the content team.


    • Act as a ministry wide champion for excellent constituent experiences that also convert and cultivate more constituents but also increase constituent satisfaction and brand affinity
    • Collaborate across brand team to develop tracking, reporting and benchmarks for ministry wide conversion, cultivation and satisfaction trends
    • Analyze conversion and cultivation data/research across all FamilyLife channels and within ministry wide experiences
    • Evaluates underperforming touch points and offers recommendations for improving results
    • Analyze and optimize FamilyLife resources pricing, offering mix, and conversion channels (i.e. WTR resource centers, cruise resource center, FamilyLife store pages, etc.)
    • Collaborate with CRM Director to surface opportunities for less dependency on acquisition investment and optimization of constituent journeys.
    • Collaborate with ministry wide teams to present rationale for optimization and address questions through implementation.
    • Leads service specialist team, analyzes constituent satisfaction with service team, and optimizes service specialist team goals/processes to optimize performance.

    Brand Marketing Strategist

    The Marketing Strategist works with the CRM Director to help manage day-to-day marketing planning and execution for ministry objectives. Applies working knowledge of market research, analytics and intel to develop and organize plans that competitively differentiate and ensure the growth of constituent value, retention, and overall brand infinity. Builds strong relationships with stakeholders across the ministry to advance the strategic vision.


    • Manage CRM and marketing initiatives
    • Optimize omni-channel experience by maximizing constituent retention and revenue from the following: events, products, and donations
    • Create and manage integrated marketing programs by collaborating across teams and/or departments
    • Collaborate with teams to translate marketing requirements into campaigns
    • Assist in implementation of CRM tactics and/or email execution
    • Consult with internal stakeholders and external agencies to execute campaigns and provide segmented audiences for greater campaign efficiency


    • Google tools- Google doc, slide etc..
    • Adobe Campaign tool.
    • CRM technology support and data hygiene.
    • Working knowledge of BI tools, analytics, marketing execution and email systems.
    • Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing cloud and other CRM tools and practices.
    • Data mining tools.
    • How to create and manage integrated marketing programs to include: marketing planning; driving strategies for email and digital marketing.
    • How to lead cross functionally

    Audio Group Production Coordinator (Orlando)

    The Production Coordinator oversees the status of operational scheduling, communication, work assignments, along with external customer and inter and intra-departmental communication for all Audio Group work output. Maintains a close working knowledge of the location and disposition of various metadata created by the Audio Group representing these various audio content outputs. Processes writing titles, descriptions, and transcripts for our programs.


    • Attend recording sessions as requested
    • Provide oversight to RFL(RealFamilyLife) syndication program shorts
    • Capture of critical webinator and other meta-data, supporting our web activities
    • Maintain and oversees reporting of licensed music
    • Collect and coordinate offers session marketing messages to ensure ministry priorities in sync and highlighted correctly.
    • Implement the copywriting process for program titles and descriptions to maintain optimal visibility online (SEO).
    • Design, build, maintain and improve key Excel tools related to accurate reporting of titles, promos, etc.
    • Oversee the composition and distribution of FL program titles, descriptions and written promos.
    • Include SEO best practices and standards across all audio products to ensure maximum reach and impact of our content.


    • Modern office practices, procedures and equipment.
    • Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Ministry organization, operation, policies and objectives
    • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
    • Basic research methods
    • Scripture, essential FL (FamilyLife) doctrinal positions as defined in the Manifesto.
    • Music and media culture and especially those which relate to marriage.
    • Family, parenting, and to the designated demographics
    • Basic audio terminology and functionality
    • Datasets using the typical office automation software tools.

    Weekend to remember Marketing Coordinator

    If you’re someone who loves data, can identify emerging market trends and gets excited about digging into budgets and ROI’s, this is the job for you! FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember is looking for a passionate “analytics translator” to help coordinate and report on their marketing efforts across multiple channels including print, radio, web, social media & more.

    Brand Marketing Manager – Digital

    The Brand Marketing Manager builds that awareness by developing and executing marketing strategies to meet family needs and maximize constituent acquisition. They collaborate across internal teams, craft promotional messaging/creative, and work to publish or distribute them to new audiences. This role will specifically create awareness of FamilyLife.

    Content Writer for New Audiences

    Under the direction of the Manager of Content Strategy, create and edit articles and other written content, primarily for the FamilyLife website.


    • Write articles for new audiences and/or as assigned for FamilyLife website, blogs, and other digital platforms.
    • Responsible for department daily mail pickup and distribution to remote sites.
    • Write devotions for YouVersion.
    • Attend training in writing, editing, and editorial planning.
    • Ideate for articles for website.
    • Assist with special editorial projects as assigned.

    Global Outreach Executive and Operations Assistant

    Provides administrative and operational support to the Global Outreach Team.


    • Executive Assistant: Schedule virtual and live meetings with Global Vice President and prepare agendas and notes as needed, prepare presentations and reports, maintain a suspense list of Global Outreach projects and activities and monitor status.
    • Communications: Route incoming communications to the appropriate Global Outreach Representative for their response, assist with preparation of quarterly Global newsletter, assist with proofing and editing of Global Outreach training materials, posting Global communications on Workplace, etc.
    • Contracts and Licensing: Work with Cru/FamilyLife legal administration to prepare contracts for translation and licensing of FamilyLife resources for use in foreign countries. Maintain an electronic library of translated resources available for worldwide distribution.
    • International Orders: Assist global partners with orders of FamilyLife resources.
    • Budget Support: Assist with preparation, entry and monitoring of the Global Outreach department budget. Coordinate processing of approved expenses.
    • Foreign Travel Protocols: Assist FamilyLife Global Crisis Manager by collecting and maintaining Cru Travel Sheets and other records to support Cru’s Risk Management and Crisis Management.
    • Event Planning: Assist with planning and logistical arrangements of Global Summits and Global Offsite meetings, e.g. mailing records of attendees and their travel arrangements and special needs, arranging for facilities, making arrangements for meals and housing, drafting letters if invitations for international guests, etc.

    Digital Content Project Manager

    Under the direction of the Sr. Director of Direct Reach, plan, organize and track a wide variety of project management and administrative duties related to content and digital. Work closely with Content and Digital leaders and directors to make sure the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support.


    • Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of projects.
    • Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of projects.
    • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and budget.
    • Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility.
    • Ensure resource availability and allocation.
    • Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress.
    • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques.
    • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques.
    • Report and escalate to management as needed.
    • Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders.
    • Perform risk management to minimize project risks.
    • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.
    • Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project.
    • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of goals
    • Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis.
    • Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members as needed
    • Attend and/or assist with quarterly training sessions for project managers within Cru.
    • Assist with the implementation of human operating systems across the department as needed./li>


    Any combination equivalent to 2-3 years college level coursework in business administration or related field and at least 3-5 years experience in an office management or administrative positions of increasing responsibility including advanced level computer applications and willingness to learn the technical aspects of the position. Relevant, industry accepted PM Certifications related to the systems staff will administer/manage is preferred. Including, but not limited to:

    • CSM certified
    • PMP certified
    • CAPM certified
    • Design Sprint Master certified
    • Six Sigma certified

    Executive Assistant

    Under the general direction of an assigned supervisor, perform a wide variety of complex clerical, typing, stenographic and secretarial duties for a Director.


    • Serve as Executive Assistant to the Senior Director Brand Strategy (Supervisor), relieving the supervisor of a variety of technical and administrative duties; assist others assigned to supervisor by performing secretarial and clerical duties as required.
    • Take and transcribe dictation, including material of a confidential nature; prepare and type a variety of correspondence, agendas, memoranda, reports, minutes, contracts and other materials; record and transcribe minutes from a variety of meetings.
    • Utilize a computer to enter data, prepare reports, prepare correspondence or other purposes. Arrange and schedule a variety of meetings and conferences; establish and maintain complex interrelated filing systems.
    • Communicate between the supervisor and staff, the public or, other Ministry officials.
    • Review and proof documents, records and forms for accuracy, completeness and conformance to applicable rules and regulations.
    • Review reports and maintain records of expenditures; assist in preparing budget reports.
    • Compose correspondence; report information in person or by telephone where judgment, knowledge and interpretation of policies and regulations may be necessary.
    • Provide work direction and guidance to other staff as assigned.
    • Identify and refer matters to the assigned supervisor or staff member in order of priority. Receive visitors, schedule appointments, screen visitors and phone calls and refer to appropriate staff members.
    • Disseminate information from supervisor to staff; serve as liaison between supervisor and staff.
    • Communicate with Ministry and outside sources to resolve problems, schedule meetings, provide or receive information, schedule maintenance and repair of equipment.
    • Administer petty cash fund, and other small dollar purchases, make travel arrangements, send out annual reports, keep personnel rosters, and perform special projects as assigned.

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