“I choose to invest my life into FamilyLife because, as I re-entered the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for five years, I wanted my work to matter since it would take my time away from my family. I am grateful to be able to use my talents to affect the changes that God can use to save a marriage or secure the legacy of a family. It makes my work worthwhile and removes some of the guilt of being a working mom.”


Would you prayerfully consider if this is where the Lord is leading you to serve?

Open Positions

If you see a role or two you are interested in, or have questions, let’s talk.  Please fill out this form and our team will reach out to you promptly!

Weekend to remember Marketing Coordinator

If you’re someone who loves data, can identify emerging market trends and gets excited about digging into budgets and ROI’s, this is the job for you! FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember is looking for a passionate “analytics translator” to help coordinate and report on their marketing efforts across multiple channels including print, radio, web, social media & more.


Vision caster who is strong in discernment, listening, and encouraging others to take next steps of faith. A mobilizer is the first touch point to journey with people who are feeling called to be a part of something bigger and join a movement of people looking to win, build and send in the context of marriage and family.

Marketing Strategist

The marketing strategist is responsible to increase attendance at FamilyLife Blended events, accelerate multiplication of ministry efforts and lives impacted through hosted events and resources, and promote products and ministry services. They will also coordinate and take action on specific marketing efforts as directed for social media, products, podcast promotion etc.

National Ministry Rep

Mediator who helps connect others to events like FamilyLife’s NEW Weekend to Remember Getaway and other events that share the gospel and are designed to not only provide present help and hope but be a catalytic event to launch people to win, build, and send in their local communities. Not only connecting others to FamilyLife events but coming alongside churches and communities to use trusted resources to fuel movements for Christ in the context of marriage and family.

Data Integration Engineer

Supports and helps design and implement the integration architecture that will be used in interconnecting FamilyLife’s ecosystem. Work with other technical resources to build necessary connectivity and move data between systems in accordance with goals and objectives as well as provide technical support and collaboration with project team members.

Editorial Team Lead

Writer/Editor who desires ways to use this gift to reach people with the gospel and provide everyday help and hope through articles, devotionals, and other various projects in the marriage and family space. Editorial Team Lead will provide editorial leadership to the writing team by coordinating and managing projects.

Social Media Manager

Expertise in social media marketing through all current and up and coming platforms is a must along with creativity, leadership, and innovation skills. Social Media Manager will lead a team of individuals building and growing a virtual community providing the good news, trusted resources and encouraging spiritual multiplication in the marriage and family space.

Social Media Designer

A creator desiring to design social media banners, graphics and shareables to reach a virtual community with practical help and hope in the marriage and family space. Social Media Designer will use expertise in social media design work in all current and up and coming platforms as well as collaborating with other departments.

Event Planner

Detailed oriented individual looking to use organizational and project management skills to plan and execute FamilyLife’s NEW Weekend to Remember getaways and other events as a way to reach people with the gospel, provide present day help and hope and encourage others to live on mission. An Event Planner is on the frontlines of these events connecting with hotels, making sure staff, attendees, and volunteers have what they need to make these events catalytic movements that propel communities into spiritual multiplication in the context of marriage and family.

Sr. Enterprise Information Analytics & Reporting Analyst

Assist and speak into the data strategy development, data governance and data management in addition to the availability, usability, integrity, retention and security of the information/data employed throughout the organization. Maintain data inputs, processes, outputs and data flows. Architect and document data models, normalize data from various sources. Design and document the ETL process that will be coded by Cru Data Engineers. Build data visualizations and dashboard reports.

See a role or two you are interested in?  Have some questions?  Let’s talk.  Please fill out this form and our team will reach out to you promptly!