Welcome to Stronger Forever
Strength & Cardio Track, Week Six

Time to challenge yourself. Click on an icon below for great ideas to try throughout this week.

Get intentional! And get one step closer to a stronger forever.

activity / idea
Make a special dessert together. Share it with a side of playful flirtation: Wipe some whip cream on his cheek. Feed her a cherry. No-cook options are great too (custom sundaes, anyone?). It’s the together time that counts.

suggested time range
60 minutes

Create a mini date night. Share some sweets while being sweet to each other.

activity / idea
Look through old pictures together. Create a contest: What was the worst outfit? Worst hairstyle? Picture you most hope to hide? Picture that reminds you how good lookin’ your spouse was?

suggested time range
30 minutes

Laugh at great memories and all those clothes you can’t believe (or admit) you wore.

activity / idea
Have a date after the kids are in bed, making the shared activity something other than movies or TV. Ideas:

  • A version of your favorite board game where the winner gets a backrub.
  • Picnic in the bedroom: candles, takeout, blanket.
  • Stargazing.
  • Indoor s’mores.
  • Complete a jigsaw or crossword puzzle while enjoying a playlist.

suggested time range
1.5 hours

Strengthen your marriage through quality time.

activity / idea
Does your marriage—and your life—feel out of breath? What is one activity you could say “no” to this week, so you have more energy for your spouse and your relationship? (e.g., “I may have unfolded laundry, but at least I’m not so worn out that my spouse’s desire for sex feels like one more box to check off.”)

suggested time range
Once weekly, minimum

Create breathing room for the things that matter most.

As you cool down, it’s time to reflect.

Read Song of Solomon 2:10,16:
“My beloved speaks and says to me:
“Arise, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away…”

My beloved is mine, and I am his;
he grazes among the lilies.”

Pray together, remember to stretch yourself this week for the sake of your spouse, and stay flexible with your growth:

Father, refresh our relationship–not just with romance that comes and goes, but with You, the Living Water. Be the source of our life as a couple. Help us make Your priorities ours. Show us how to invest wisely and generously in all the things we can’t see.