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Helping Families and Marriages? We’ve got your back.

You’re changing your corner of the world. How can we help?

Maybe you’re wondering if you could help more than just your family.

Or maybe you’re already in the thick of helping others, and wish you had a hand. You’d love to talk with someone who knew what they were doing, had solid resources at their fingertips, and could bat ideas around with you so you could reach a little farther.

Good news! Our help is free. And we’re all in.

We can

  • Recommend the perfect resource for your needs and the needs of those around you
  • Help you design a personal or church-wide ministry that can be sustained over the long haul (…and maybe even avoid a few classic pitfalls)
  • Suggest multiple ways to use a single resource effectively
  • Provide detailed, you-can-do-this event-promotion suggestions
  • Assist in presenting to church staff and lay leaders as you launch a new ministry, helping others to catch your vision
  • Construct a strategic marriage-ministry plan
  • Pray with you and for you and your ministry
  • Answer that one ministry-related question you’re just not sure about

Whether you need us to answer one question, chat about a plan, or walk with you for years to come, we’re ready to help you change your corner of the world.

Ready for just-right, personalized help from a Ministry Advisor?

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