An opportunity for couples to renew the promise made to one another and re-commit to stay the course “till death do us part.”
Dennis Rainey, Alistair Begg, Crawford and Karen Loritts, and Alex Kendrick present biblical messages on honoring God in marriage, and discovering what it takes to make a marriage go the distance.


“With attacks on every side, I Still Do is a refuge of encouragement, laughter, and needed truth. Come no matter where your marriage is. Just come.”
"We appreciated the reminder that the core of marriage depends on our relationship with Jesus Christ. We heard the call to reach out and minister to other couples in our circle of influence."
"We have been married for 13 years. I am from Ethiopia & he from Jamaica. We always blamed every problem on culture differences. I learned God’s love and His intent for our life. Marriage is great, but we almost gave up. By His grace we still do!!"
"I was able to thank God for the blessing my wife is. The speakers taught us from a place where I was able to understand, care, and open my heart further towards being a more loyal and determined husband and follower of Christ. The affect of I Still Do is life-changing!"
"We are recently married, but we were both married before. It’s been a struggle in our marriage because of past baggage. The I Still Do has made me realize the importance of marriage and NOT to take the vows lightly. Only thru Jesus Christ will we be able to take our vows seriously."

What is I Still Do® on Demand?

I Still Do On Demand is four video sessions delivered over the Internet. This means you can watch the sessions when and where you choose. Popular speakers Dennis Rainey, Alistair Begg, Crawford and Karen Loritts, and Alex Kendrick present the messages that are both biblical and practical:

  • Honoring God in marriage
  • Improving communication and resolving conflict
  • Making prayer central to your marriage
  • Discovering what it takes to go the distance

In addition, Christian entertainers 321 Improve and Acts of Renewal present vignettes that bring the truths home with humor. Each session averages 45 minutes.

The digital delivery enables flexible viewing options:

  • Watch with your spouse and use the participant manual discussion questions to open up communication.
  • Watch the sessions over four weeks in your small group. Use the participant manual to stimulate discussion both in the group meeting and at home with couples afterward.
  • Plan a marriage event and invite couples in your church and community to attend. The host guide gives detailed plans for hosting an event, and the downloadable promotion tools make promoting the event a cinch.
Choose from four purchase options based on the number of viewers:
Each option provides 90 days of unlimited viewing.

1 to 2 Viewers


3 to 49 Viewers


50 to 199 Viewers


200+ Viewers