Leadership: It's not for the faint of heart.

We've got your back.

We get it. Leading challenging personalities can bring out our own weaknesses, and even make us give up altogether.

But going the distance to love well? That replays all over again what Jesus did for us: Loving sacrificially. Compassionately entering our world. And communicating “You don’t need to have your act together to be one of God’s people.”

We’ve corralled strategies to help you guide well, love well (even when it’s hard to like someone).

Go on; dig in. We’re cheering you on. 

The Wallflower—Easily overlooked because you never hear her say anything.
The Fixer—who has a great idea to make it all better.
The Scoffer—who may make the last person who talked wish they didn't.
The Oversharer—who may not know what qualifies as "more than you need to know."
The Off-roader—who loves to veer off-topic, taking your group with him.
The Dominator—So talkative or knowledgeable, no one can get a word in.
The Campaign Manager—who proposes anything and everything might be healed by their political party.