Wives often think their husbands need sex for only physical reasons. Wrong. Shaunti Feldhahn reveals why having his wife’s desire meets a deep emotional need for a husband that will strengthen the bond of marriage and bolster every other area of his life.
Does your husband sulk or get angry over the weirdest things? Shaunti Feldhahn explains common mail triggers and what’s underneath them. She also provides a “next day rule” that will help you avoid these conflicts altogether.
Porn is disgusting, fake, and destructive, right? So how could your husband be tempted by it? Shaunti Feldhahn explains, with brain science and biblical wisdom, that while never excusing the sin, you can play a compassionate role in helping him win the battle.
Do you and your husband butt heads over the kids? Are you the disciplinarian while he plays the fun parent? Shaunti Feldhahn gives three tips for dealing with parenting impasses, plus a secret to help your husband see your point of view.
When a husband doesn’t deserve respect, should his wife show it anyway? Shaunti Feldhahn describes what many women have discovered by doing just that. This isn’t a naive pep talk. It’s a presentation of transformational steps wives can take when their husband shows little respectability.
Does your husband always try to carry the groceries in a single trip? You may be surprised when you learn why he does that. Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins crack open the mystery and explain why he risks breaking all those eggs.
Honey, the trash needs to go out, but please don’t take it now because I like asking 12 times, said no wife ever! Then why is this so common? Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins explain what’s really behind this and how to move a husband to action without nagging.
Providing financially while also building family relationships is hard for many husbands to balance. Often it’s the wife yearning for more closeness at home. Learn how to talk it through and together find the work/home balance you desire.
Why would a husband choose video games over his wife? Isn’t that juvenile and destructive for a marriage? Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins discuss this sensitive topic in search of win/win solutions for both husband and wife.
Can you or your husband still have friends of the opposite sex? Yes, but with a few caveats (#itscomplicated). Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins offer calming wisdom on a lightning-rod topic. Learn how to guard your marriage without putting your head in the sand.
Do men secretly wish their wives looked like bikini models? The shocking results are in. Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins discuss and offer wives practical guidance on overcoming their most common insecurities.
You want him to listen but he glazes over or tries to “fix it,” frustrating you and making things worse. Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins explain two steps to changing this dynamic, plus a pro tip just for wives to help you be heard every time.
Does your husband “power down” after work right when you need to talk? Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins demystify this common frustration and offer tips to draw him out, including what you can learn from ESPN to gain and hold your husband’s attention.
No, your husband doesn’t act like those guys in the Hallmark movies. Not even close. Shaunti Feldhahn and Brian Goins explain why that’s by God’s design and why it’s actually a good thing for you and for your marriage.
Season one of “Married With Benefits” comes to a close in glorious, speed-round fashion as Brian Goins and Shaunti Feldhahn field rapid-fire questions live from 1000 women. Find out if your burning question made the show.