Our Team

If you were going to recruit a team to alter the course of history, how would you go about it? Did you know that Jesus’ plan was to begin an uncommon mission by inviting twelve common men to follow him and become part of his inner circle? Have you ever thought about those he didn’t choose to turn the world upside down? He didn’t select a rabbi or scholars and He didn’t look within the religious establishment to build His team. Instead He assembled a ragtag bunch of men with unimpressive resumes.

Jesus wasn’t looking for religious superiority or extraordinary talent, but instead was seeking out ordinary people with a heart for the lost and a willingness to leave their lives behind and follow the Savior. People like you.

At FamilyLife, God has assembled another ragtag team within our Staff Resources department. Our team includes a lumber salesman, a self employed lawn and tree service operator, an insurance broker, an electrician, a college track coach, a headhunter, a youth minister, an accountant, and a middle school science teacher, and more.

Throughout your application process, you have talked to many of our staff within our department. We want to give you the chance to see our staff – to put faces with all of those voices you’ve heard over the phone!

Director of Supported Staff Resources

Gene McCluggage

New Staff Evaluators

Brian Devine

Cheryl Holmquist

Carol Scarborough

Karen Winkelman

Jeanie Smith

Manager of Mobilization (Recruitment)

Paul Cox

New Staff Representatives

Rob Hernandez

Rob Hudson
(Intern Coordinator)

New Staff Leads Coordinator / Hospitality Team

Teresa Hernandez

Dawn Cox

Tonya Devine

About FamilyLife and CRU

FamilyLife is a division of Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ. As you continue through the application process, you will be expected to become familiar with Cru practice and terminology. In particular, it is important that you become comfortable with the Four Spiritual Laws and the Spirit-filled Life booklets. You can view them by clicking on the links below.