Welcome to Your 30-Day Oneness Prayer Challenge!

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Beginning tomorrow we’ll send you a text message each morning with a link to a simple five-minute guide to help you and your spouse pray together. Each day will consist of a short devotional a Bible verse, some text, and a pair of prayers for the husband and wife.

Choose a time of day when you are together perhaps during a meal, or just before you go to bed. Read through the material aloud and then pray together, following the direction of the “Praying together for our marriage” section for each day.

You might want to take turns reading through each day’s devotion. Once you get used to praying together, consider going a bit longer by adding some personal requests for your family, for difficult situations you are facing.

We realize that praying together may not be easy for you. But if you give five minutes a day to building your spiritual relationship, we’re confident you will build intimacy and oneness in unexpected ways. It could be the best investment you make in your marriage.