Our Passport2 Mission

The Passport2 resources were designed to help your preteen or teen develop a rich understanding of who God made them to be. Each resource is intended to help you discuss challenging topics in a fun way.

Prepare your teen for life, no expertise required.

Get away with your teen to create a memorable relationship-building weekend.


Help Encourage Your PreTeen

Build heart-to-heart communication between you and your preteen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead.

Designed for PRETEENS ages 10-12

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Help Empower Your Teen

Help your teen transition to independence through dependence on Christ. Passport2Identity® gives you the materials, tools, and talking points to prepare your teen for adulthood.

Designed for teenagers ages 14-16

For your son
For your daughter
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Become your teen’s safe space.

Passport2Identity® hands you easy-to-use tools to talk about what’s real with teens—and practical ways to life for Jesus.

Getaway Kit includes:

  • 1 Tour Guide for the parent 
  • 1 Travel Journal for the preteen including 25 follow-up devotions
  • 1 CD containing 5 sessions, memory songs, and downloadable MP3’s

Sessions include:

  • Authentic Man/Womanhood
  • Making Your Faith Your Own
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Missions
For your son
For your daughter

“Passport2Identity opened up conversations and helped us to laugh and have fun as we talked about serious themes.”

Why Passport2Identity?

  • Opens the door for critical connection on topics that matter

  • Helps your teen dive deeper into God’s Word 

  • 10 out of 10 parents find it easier to talk about identity and purpose.

For your son
For your daughter


Bonus Content

For Young Women

Become your preteen’s safe space.

Passport2Purity® will help you set up a getaway with your preteen to talk about puberty, peer pressure, sex, dating, & more to set them up for the years ahead!

Getaway Kit includes:

  • 1 Tour Guide for the parent (PDF download)
  • 1 Travel Journal for the preteen including 25 follow-up devotions
  • 5 audio sessions available for download
  • Sessions include:
  • Beginning the Journey
    Challenges, Traps, and Choices
  • Running with the Herd
    Friendships and Peer Pressure
  • Ready for an Upgrade
    Changes in Him, Changes in Her
    Setting boundaries
  • Your Missions
    Seeing Dating Differently

“We had talked about sex with our children before but having a weekend getaway one on one with each child was invaluable! I loved the focus on not just sex, but on relationships and the impact on their lives.”


Why Passport2Purity?

  • Keeps “the talk” engaging
  • Paves the way for open communication
  • Uses biblically based, preplanned chats that cover all the bases and complete the object lessons


Join the over 250,000 parents who have used Passport2Purity® over the past 20 years.