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with Dru Joyce II, Ron Deal
As parents, our job is to make sure our children grow into responsible adults. Dru Joyce II and Ron Deal share different character traits to instill in your children and some helpful ways to teach the...
May 15, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Meg Meeker, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Whether a mom works outside the home by choice or necessity, it is difficult to find a good balance between work and home. Nancy Wolgemuth, Dr. Meg Meeker and Tracy Lane offer insights and tips....
May 8, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Don Whitney, Ginny Owens, Jason Ho
Throughout the Bible, we are strongly encouraged to sing a song to the Lord. Don Whitney, Jason Houser, Kristyn Getty, and Ginny Owens explain the importance and the power of singing as worship....
May 1, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bob Lepine, Bruce Goff
Bruce Goff, a relatively new dad with a toddler, gets pick the brain of an older, wiser, more experienced dad, Bob Lepine....
April 24, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Meg Robbins, Ron Deal, Sabrina Bea
In seasons of change, parents need to help their kids process. Meg Robbins talks about walking with her kids through a major move. Sabrina McDonald tells how she coached her kids through becoming a bl...
April 17, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Hannah Anderson, Joanne Kraft, Kev
Are you too busy? Answer this question as you learn more from Joanne Kraft, Kevin DeYoung, and Hannah Anderson....
April 10, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Phil Vischer, Sally Lloyd-Jones
How does one communicate the significance of the Easter and Lent season with children? Sally Lloyd-Jones and Phil Vischer explain how and why to tell the whole Easter and Lent story to your kids....
April 3, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Barbara Rainey, Jen Pollock Michel
What comes to mind when you think of home? Barbara Rainey and Jen Pollock Michel explain the value of making Christ the foundation of a stable, godly home....
March 27, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with David Nasser, Dru Joyce II, Leslie
It's spring break! Let's take a road trip. Leslie Leyland Fields, David Nasser, and Dru Joyce II share stories of their epic journeys with God....
March 20, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Gary Smalley, Greg Smalley, Ken Sa
Ken Sande walks us through how to constructively resolve conflict. Tara Barthel, Judy Dabbler, and Gary and Greg Smalley share the stories of their conflicts and how they were resolved....
March 13, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Ann Wilson, Dave Wilson, Lou Priol
Conflict happens, but what do you do with it? Dave and Ann Wilson relay a story of their most epic disagreement. Lou Priolo deconstructs the root cause of conflict and helps us see our sin....
March 6, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Elisa Morgan, Karis Kimmel Murray,
Can you raise "perfect kids" by being a "perfect parent"? Not only is it impossible, but you'll bring more harm to your kids the harder you try to achieve perfection. Hear Meg Meeker, Karis Kimmel Mur...
February 27, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Carl and Lib Wenger, Irene and Dom
Great love stories are inspiring and encouraging, and are tales you want to hear again and again. Hear some epic love stories from Carl and Lib Wenger, Lars and Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Irene and Doming...
February 20, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Hugh Duncan, Ken and Nook Tuttle,
Valentine's Day is coming. We'll take a look at bad Valentine gifts, the strange history behind the holiday, and the true meaning of love and marriage. Hear from Ken and Nook Tuttle, Hugh Duncan, Vodd...
February 13, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Jeff Kemp
When children become adults, a parent's job gets trickier. Jeff Kemp talks with Michelle HIll about thr importance of maintaining good relationships between parents and adult kids....
February 6, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Dale Kreienkamp, Holley Gerth, Nan
God has a history of getting the best results from empty vessels. Nancy Guthrie, Holley Gerth, and Dale Kreienkamp encourage listeners with God's promises from His Word....
January 30, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Carolyn McCulley, Emerson Eggerich
Many people find themselves still single and wonder what they've done wrong. Emerson Eggerichs says, "You are here because you made GOOD decisions." Also hear from Gina Dalfonzo and Carolyn McCulley....
January 23, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Holley Gerth
Why do I need a mission statement? Author Holley Gerth says a personal mission statement will help you decide between "good" and "great" pursuits....
January 16, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Arlene Pellicane
Screens are everywhere in our world. Arlene Pellicane presents data and coaches parents to address the critical issue of smartphone usage with their kids....
January 9, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
with Barbara Rainey, Bob Lepine, Dennis
New Year's resolution: Read through the Bible in a year. Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, Jen Wilkin, Barbara Rainey, and Don Whitney offer some coaching on effective ways to dig into God's word....
January 3, 2021
FamilyLife This Week®
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