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with Justin Unger
As a worship pastor, Justin Unger feels the call and the challenge to lead a congregation in worship. He shares the twists and turns of his own story that drew him to minister to pastors....
September 26, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Lindsey Carlson
Lindsey Carlson has suggestions for training kids and teens to grow their own faith in Jesus....
September 19, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Nan Deal
Parents are making some difficult decisions regarding school this fall. As a teacher, Nan Deal offers suggestions for forming a cooperation between teachers and parents to make sure children are learn...
September 12, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Dennis Rainey, Pete Leonard
Dennis Rainey gives a message at a local prison, and some of the men catch the vision. Also, hear from Pete Leonard who wants to bestow dignity and worth to former prisoners....
September 5, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Dennis and Barbara Rainey
Hear what Dennis and Barbara Rainey have learned over 40 years in ministry. They share valuable lessons learned sometimes through success but more often through failure....
August 29, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Jaquelle Crowe Ferris, Sean Crowe
Jaquelle Crowe shares what her parents did right in giving her a strong faith. Her dad, Sean Crow, shares how important it is to live a transparent life in front of your children....
August 22, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bryan Carter
Bryan Carter talks about seven habits healthy families have, starting with having our priorities in line and paying special attention to how we spend our time, on FamilyLife this Week....
August 15, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Barbara Rainey, Bruce Johnston, Su
Whether you are sending a child to college, or you are planning a wedding, releasing children can be difficult. Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates, and Bruce Johnston share how they managed this pivotal tran...
August 8, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Holly Melton
Christians are commanded to make disciples. Do you know how to share your faith with your neighbor or co-worker? Holly Melton gives practial steps for sharing your faith with others....
August 1, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Dan Dumas, Gary Chapman, Gary Rosb
All of us need to practice apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Jerry Bridges, Gary Rosberg, Gary Chapman, Dan Dumas, and Priscilla Shirer help us see our shortcomings and how we should humbly resp...
July 25, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Albert Hsu, Nan Deal, Ron Deal
It's a devastating loss when a loved one dies, especially when it is unexpected. Al Hsu talks about the complex grief he experienced when his father took his own life. Ron and Nan Deal talk about the ...
July 18, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bob Lepine
What is love? Maybe we should let God, Who is Love, define it. Bob Lepine carefully extracts each characteristic of love from 1 Corinthians 13, and shares it with Michelle Hill....
July 11, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Dennis Rainey, Gary Thomas, Jen Wi
Dennis Rainey, Sam Allberry, Tony Evans, Jen Wilkin, and Gary Thomas outline some life habits with eternal significance....
July 4, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Gina Butz, Voddie Baucham
Transitions are hard, as is any kind of major change. Especially if it involves moving. Gina Butz and Voddie Baucham share how to care for your family during the time of a transition....
June 27, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bob Lepine, Bruce Goff, David Robb
Bob Lepine, Shaunti Feldhahn, FamilyLife President David Robbins, Bruce Goff, Keith Lynch, and Marques Holt share the good, the bad, the simple and the hard things about being a dad....
June 20, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Voddie Baucham
How can you know God's will when you are facing a radical life change? Voddie Baucham says re-evaluate your objectives in life, and God will show you from there. He outlines how to follow God's leadin...
June 13, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Sally Lloyd-Jones
Sally Lloyd-Jones recommends getting your kids into some books. She talks about the impact that stories can have on kids, even for sharing the gospel....
June 6, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Lisa Anderson
You may love them, but that doesn't keep them from getting on your nerves--or vice versa. Lisa Anderson gives suggestions for how to manage relationships during a time of forced distance, or forced to...
May 30, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Eric Metaxas
This weekend, Eric Metaxas talks with MIchelle Hill about the ripe opportunity the church has, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to display the hands and feet of Jesus to a troubled, hurting world....
May 23, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Lore Ferguson Wilbert
Have you ever noticed the number of times Jesus used His touch to heal someone? Lore Wilbert talks with Michelle Hill about the spiritually healing nature of touch from one person to another....
May 16, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
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