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Misplaced Frustration: Scapegoat 3

with Ron Deal | June 10, 2020
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When our kids take their frustration out on a scapegoat, what do we do?

Misplaced Frustration: Scapegoat 3

With Ron Deal
June 10, 2020
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Ron: When our kids take their frustration out on a scapegoat, what do we do?

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Ron: Maybe you’ve already heard me talk about Cassandra, a teenager who was taking her frustration with her mom out on her stepmom. Well her dad may or may not know why she’s doing this; but either way he should invite his daughter, in a soft and compassionate tone, to talk with him about what’s going on.

“Hey, Cassandra, I need your help. I’ve noticed that when your mom disappoints you, you frequently take it out on Sonja. I’m thinking you’re really hurt by your mom. Can you help me with that?” With this approach, odds are, her heart will soften and repent and they can figure this thing out together. For FamilyLife Blended, I’m Ron Deal.

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