Amy Julia Becker

Amy Julia Becker writes and speaks about family, faith, disability, and culture. A graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary, she is the author of Penelope Ayers: A Memoir, A Good and Perfect Gift (Bethany House), named one of the Top Ten Religion Books of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly, and Why I Am Both Spiritual and Religious (Patheos Press). Her most recent ebook, What Every Woman Needs to Know About Prenatal Testing: Insight From a Mom Who Has Been There was released in January, 2013.

Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post,, First Things, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Hartford Courant, The Christian Century, Christianity Today, and Books and Culture. She is a regular contributor to her.meneutics, and she blogs at Thin Places:

Amy Julia lives in Connecticut with her husband and her three children. Read more at

Parents Of Special Needs Kids

Parents of Special Needs Kids

Do you have a child with special needs? Ginny Owens, Jennifer Shaw, Paul MIller, Sarah Parshall Perry, and Amy Julia Becker share stories of faith, joy, and hardship unique to parenting special children.

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Special Needs Child Day 2

Trusting God in the Valley

Amy Julia Becker and Jennifer Shaw talk about the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs.

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Special Needs Child Day 1

Embracing the Unexpected

Jennifer Shaw and Amy Julia Becker talk about how they felt as they sought to understand their child’s special needs.

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