Andy and Heather Hetchler

Heather and Andy Hetchler are married with six children between them. Despite their strong faith, good intentions and loving and hope-filled hearts, they were blown away by how hard it was to bring their two families together.

While they didn’t have illusions that all would be smooth sailing, they were not prepared for the inherent complications of stepfamily life. They were blessed to understand going in that all stepfamilies have struggles. Even knowing what they knew, they often felt alone in their struggles with little to no resources for help.

As their family grew together, Heather began connecting with other stepmoms to share what she had learned through her professional background study and the stepfamily school of hard knocks.

After six years of serving stepmoms and seeing the empowerment these women took back to their marriages and families, Heather had a huge desire to reach more families and meet them right where they are on their journey.

Learning2Step was born!

Today, Learning2Step connects struggling, hurting stepfamilies with the hope, help, and connections they desperately need to thrive.

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Andy and Heather Hetchler were surprised by how hard it was to bring their families together when one former spouse was an MIA parent. Hear their conversation with Ron Deal about their experience and how they began sharing what they learned with others. View Show Notes →