Barbara Wilson

Barbara Wilson is the abstinence educator and director for faith-based Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Sacramento, California. She has written several curricula, and her messages on abstinence and sexual bonding are heard by approximately two thousand adults and teens per year. Barbara’s monthly newsletter, PURE IMPACT, equips and informs teens, parents, and youth workers with the latest facts and trends among teens regarding sex and relationships. She and her husband, Eric have four children.

Romance And Sex Day 3

Cleansing the Soul

Is shame, guilt, and regret over past sexual sin affecting your relationship with your husband?

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Romance And Sex Day 2

Owning Up to Our Sexual Sin

Do you feel remorse over your sexual past?

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Women Day 3

How Our Sexual Past Affects the Present

What happens emotionally and spiritually when we unite sexually with someone else?

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Women Day 2

Experiencing Freedom

On today’s broadcast, Dennis Rainey talks with abstinence educator Barbara Wilson, author of the book The Invisible Bond.

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Pornography Day 1

Sliding Toward Shame

Could your sexual past still be affecting you today?

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