Bill and Vicki Rose

Bill and Vicki Rose, married for over 35 years, have found victory and healing in Christ for their marriage and it's difficult issues. They reside in New York City and have 2 adult children, both married, and two very precious grandchildren. Bill is a Limited Partner of the New York Yankees as well as President and founder of DRM Sports Management, a company representing professional baseball players.

Episodes appearing in

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Vicki and Bill experienced restoration in their marriage after they came to Christ. View Show Notes →
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Although Vicki Rose had quit using cocaine, her husband continued to abuse. View Show Notes →
Bill and Vicki Rose reflect back on the days of their courtship and the marital trouble, including drug abuse, that began as soon as the rings were on their fingers. View Show Notes →
Drug abuse, anger, and disappointment drove Vicki and Bill's marriage apart. View Show Notes →