Brenda Nixon

An entertaining communicator on child development and family issues, Brenda Nixon, M.A., is a conference speaker, adjunct university instructor, and author of the award-winning The Birth to Five Book.

As a writer, Brenda has contributed to 31 books, including six in the New York Times best-selling CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL series, and her parenting articles are featured in print and online magazines. Her new WIP is a non-fiction book about ex-Amish, based on her experiences “adopting” an Amish runaway and as the mother-in-law to a former-Amish. During the holidays, her home is usually filled with ex-Amish, which always provides lots of laughs, games, and memories.

Brenda offers two blogs; one on parenting and her newest as a “mom to the ex-Amish”

Young Children Day 3

Welcome to Preschool

How are you going to raise your preschooler?

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Enjoying Your Toddler

What issues are you most likely to face with your toddler?

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Young Children Day 1

Getting it Right From the Start

What do you wish someone had told you when you were first a parent?

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