Brian Housman

Brian Housman has been working with parents and teens for more than 20 years. Brian speaks at many conferences, churches, schools, camps, and military bases each year. He has led student and parent programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations. He is the author of Engaging Your Teen’s World and Tech Savvy Parenting. He is the executive director of the 360 Family Conferences.

Brian and his wife, Mona, have two teenagers of their own. Besides loving and shaping their own kids, together they enjoy coaching other parents.

The Gospel Foundation For Discipline

The Gospel Foundation for Discipline

Brian Housman, Paul David Tripp, and Emily Colson give biblical perspective on parenting your child’s heart, to help see past the bad behavior.

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Parenting In A Digital World

Parenting in a Digital World

Guests Kathy Koch, Brian Housman, and Jonathan McKee offer tips and strategies to parents raising kids in a screen-filled digital world.

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How You Always Meant To Parent 3

What to Do When They Fall

Brian Housman talks with parents about how to handle the moral failings of their children. Housman shares what he did when realized his teen son had been viewing pornography.

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How You Always Meant To Parent 2

Getting to the Heart of Discipline

Brian Housman explains that parents need to look past their child’s behavior and into their child’s heart. Housman shares what he’s done in their home to address such issues as lying and media usage.

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How You Always Meant To Parent 1

What Is Your End Game?

Brian Housman encourages parents to shoot for a bigger parenting goal than mere obedience-to see their children’s hearts transformed into Christlikeness.

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Tech Savvy Parenting 3

Cyber Bullying, Cyber Porn, Video Gaming

Youth expert Brian Housman addresses parents’ concerns about cyber bullying, cyber porn, and video gaming.

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Tech Savvy Parenting 2

Internet Safety Tips

One hundred and sixty eight. That’s the average number of texts a teen types in a day. Author Brian Housman gives parents some practical advice for keeping their kids safe on the internet.

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Tech Savvy Parenting 1

Developing a Theology of Technology

Youth expert Brian Housman reminds parents that technology is to be used in an honoring way, and this must be modeled and taught in the home.

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