Brian Tome

Brian Tome is senior pastor of Crossroads, a multisite church that actively engages tens of thousands in combating generational poverty through the CityLink Center, building homes for girls rescued from sex slavery, and bringing entrepreneurs together to start the first faith-based business accelerator. An avid motorcyclist, Tome rides tens of thousands of miles and camps more than 30 nights every year. Through the materials found in The Five Marks of a Man and Man Camp, Brian has helped thousands of males move toward godly manliness.

Brian lives in Ohio where he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. Learn more at

Episodes appearing in

Pastor Brian Tome talks to wives about the importance of encouraging their husbands. He also reminds men of their calling to lay down their lives for their wives. View Show Notes →
Brian Tome talks about the qualities that make men unique. Tome recalls his youth and the irresponsibility that marked much of it. Tome explains that a man has a vision for his life while a boy lives day to day. View Show Notes →
Brian Tome talks about the five marks of a man, beginning with protection. Tome reminds men that they exist to protect those around them. Men who stay boys, on the other hand, are predators. View Show Notes →