Bunny Wilson

P.B. “Bunny” Wilson is an author, counselor, speaker and teacher, as well as the founder and president of New Dawn Productions. Through her work with New Dawn, she travels the world speaking on topics such as submission, servanthood, healing past hurts, finding lifelong love, racial appreciation, and strengthening the marital relationship.
Bunny is also the author of Seven Secrets Women Want to Know, Knight in Shining Armor, Betrayal’s Baby, God is in the Kitchen,and a novel, Night Come Swiftly, as well as The Master’s Degree, which she co-wrote with her husband, Frank.

Bunny and Frank were married almost 40 years when he passed away in September 2012. She makes her home in Southern California.

Wives Day 2

Liberating Submission, Part 2

What is submission all about?

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Wives Day 1

Liberating Submission, Part 1

Submission means hope, help, holy and free. So says wife and author Bunny Wilson.

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