Casey Diaz

Darwin “Casey” Diaz is a native of El Salvador and a former gang leader. Growing up on the mean streets of Los Angeles, he was forced to fight for his life. He was eventually incarcerated as one of the most violent criminals in California and placed in solitary confinement. His life was forever changed in that cell when one day God approached Casey in a miraculous way. Upon his release from prison, Casey landed a job making signs and today runs his own company, Samiah Signs. Casey enjoys teaching at church and sharing his story with audiences around the country.

Grateful for a second chance at life, Casey is now married to Sana and is the father of three children.

Episodes appearing in

Looking for a sense of family, Casey Diaz joined a gang and ended up in prison for murder while still a teenager. In prison, Casey became a “shot caller” and commanded the respect of enemy gang members. It was in solitary confinement that Casey would meet an unexpected visitor and experience unexpected change. View Show Notes →