Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer

Born in Hawaii, the youngest of nine, Charlie’s outstanding athletic talents earned him a football scholarship to Michigan State University. Chosen to the East-West Shrine Classic and the Hula Bowl, Charlie was named "Prep Player of the Decade" in the state of Hawaii. Charlie and Lucy, high-school sweethearts, were married and moved to Los Gatos, California, where Charlie eventually taught and coached at Los Gatos High School. At the age of 30, Charlie began experiencing the symptoms of ALS, and when diagnosed with the terminal illness, he given one to three years to live. Against tremendous odds, Charlie has survived and still coaches football on the junior varsity level at Los Gatos High today. Although he was on 24-hour life support and could only move his facial muscles, his spirit was indomitable. He and Lucy traveled the world speaking (with Lucy reading Charlie’s lips) to share, often humorously, their moving story of hope, faith, inspiration and commitment.

Theirs was a classic drama of love and courage that will make you laugh, and cry. It will make you think. And it will change the way you look at life.

Charlie died in 2010.

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