Longing For Motherhood

Longing for Motherhood

For 17-year-old Chelsea Sobolik, key signals of her passage into womanhood were late-very late. Chelsea Sobolik reveals how a difficult diagnosis led her on a journey of self-discovery.

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2: Longing For Motherhood

Chelsea was beautiful and barren, born without a uterus and forever unable to conceive. Could any man really love her?

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Longing For Motherhood 2

Struggling With Infertility

Chelsea Sobolik was devastated when her doctor told her she couldn’t have children. Sobolik shares how she found healing for her grieving heart and talks about the wonderful man she married.

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Longing For Motherhood 1

A Silent Sorrow

Chelsea Sobolik tells the story of her adoption. Her adoptive parents were led overseas where they prayed God would show them which child to adopt. God led them to a teen who couldn’t take care of her baby.

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