Chip Ingram

Chip serves as CEO and Teaching Pastor of Living on the Edge – an international teaching and discipleship ministry. For over thirty-five years, Chip has pastored churches and served as president of Walk Thru the Bible. Chip holds an M.S. degree from West Virginia University and a Th.M. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has authored 15 books, including The Real God, Culture Shock and The Real Heaven. Reaching more than a million people a week, his teaching can be heard online and through hundreds of radio and television outlets worldwide. Ingram covers Bible truth about God’s perspective on marriage, understanding love and sex, raising kids, money, and how to live the Christian life in today’s culture. Chip and his wife, Theresa, have four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Episodes appearing in

A significant chunk of "the book of love," a.k.a. Song of Solomon, talks about conflict. Matt Chandler, Tiffany Lee, Chip Ingram, and Tim Muehlhoff address the dynamics involved in conflict, and coach us toward resolution and closer relationships in the aftermath. View Show Notes →
Chip Ingram coaches husbands on how to live out Ephesians 5 in their marriages. Husbands, he explains, need to own the responsibility to care for and nurture their wives. View Show Notes →
Chip Ingram explains the difference between a marriage covenant and a marriage contract. Ingram reminds us that conflicts and challenges are normal in any marriage, but they don't have to break up the union. View Show Notes →
Chip Ingram has a great marriage now, but it wasn't always this way. Ingram, who has been married to Theresa since 1978, reflects on the hardships they faced as newlyweds. View Show Notes →
President of Walk Thru the Bible, Chip Ingram; author Bob DeMoss; and renowned pastor and author John Piper talk about the influence media has on our culture and on us as individuals. View Show Notes →
Pastor Chip Ingram encourages husbands and wives to look closely at their expectations and even consider downsizing them in order to better love their spouses. View Show Notes →
What's really at the root of your anger? View Show Notes →
What do you do with your anger? View Show Notes →
We've all heard that you shouldn't have sex because God says so, but are there other reasons? View Show Notes →
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12 tests that let you know whether or not you truly have been hit by Cupid's arrow. View Show Notes →
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Chip let the Lord lead him to a mate who shared his faith. Are you doing the same? View Show Notes →
How do you get God’s very best, and would you know it if you got it? View Show Notes →
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If you feel the tug of sexual temptation before you're married, why shouldn't you run with it? View Show Notes →
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Learn about the benefits of abstaining from sex until marriage. View Show Notes →
Chip Ingram talks about how God's prescription for love differs from that of Hollywood's. View Show Notes →