Clint and Penny Bragg

Clint and Penny A. Bragg serve as marriage missionaries through the work of Inverse Ministries, their nonprofit organization. They share their testimony with audiences, teach seminars for couples, and equip ministry leaders across the nation and beyond. Their own story of reconciliation has been featured on multiple national and international television and radio programs. The Braggs are an active part of a nationwide network to strengthen, reconcile, and restore marriages.

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Episodes appearing in

God can raise dead things-Clint and Penny Bragg can vouch for that. Eleven years after their divorce, God brought them back together. The Braggs tell what God had to do in each of them to get to the point of reconciliation. View Show Notes →
Clint and Penny Bragg talk about the baggage they should have discussed before getting married and their miraculous remarriage after 11 long years. View Show Notes →
With 3,000 miles between them, a reconciliation 11 years after their divorce seemed impossible. But God loves the impossible. Hear Clint and Penny talk about God's miraculous intervention. View Show Notes →
After Clint and Penny Bragg's ideal courtship and blissfully happy first year, cracks began to form in their marital foundation. Penny began pulling away and an emotional affair with someone else soon followed. View Show Notes →