Daniel Acuff

After 20+ years as a consultant, writer and creative, Dr. Daniel Acuff has amassed a "library" of Film Scripts, Fiction and Non-Fiction Books, Children's Stories and Products, and Poetry.

Dr. Acuff has been in pursuit of personal and spiritual growth and transformation throughout his adult life. He has participated in and directed a wide variety of seminars and courses including the EST Training, the Forum, Landmark seminars, Lifespring, Insight, The Intensive Seminars, The Miracle of Love, and Meditation courses.

Dr. Acuff has been a seminar leader, speaker, radio host, and Master of Ceremonies in front of thousands at a wide variety of conferences and events around the globe. He has presented seminars and lectures on subjects including Personal Growth, Personal Effectiveness, Transformation, Relationships, Communication, Marketing, and Breakthrough Thinking.

Dr. Acuff has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and a Ph.D. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education.

In addition to his many commitments to adults, Dr. Acuff has created a variety of concepts/programs for children all with the intent of enhancing their happiness and creativity–and specifically to assist them in making better choices in their lives.

Dan has three children and two grandchildren. He lives in San Gabriel, California.

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