Darren and Heather Turner

Darren and Heather Turner both grew up in Georgia, and met in 1999 as he worked in campus ministry at the University of Georgia. (Darren is still a Bulldog at heart.) Heather had been working as a recruiter for an organization that sends English teachers overseas, and Darren had just returned from a year in Mongolia teaching English when they met. Married that same year, they would serve another six years together in campus ministry and add three children to their family. It was through the husband of a friend of Heather’s that Darren learned of the opportunities for service as a military chaplain. Darren completed seminary in 2006, was commissioned in the Army and almost immediately deployed.

Their experiences recounted in INDIVISIBLE have left both Darren, who is on active duty, and Heather passionate about serving military families, marriage counseling and leading marriage retreats. They currently live in North Carolina with their children Elie, Samuel and Meribeth.

Episodes appearing in

Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather, talk about the realities of deployment. Dr. David Evans and his wife, Esther, tell how they first heard about the Turners and what motivated them to turn their story into a movie. View Show Notes →
Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather, join producer David Evans and his wife, Esther, to talk about the release of the new feature film about the Turner's life, "Indivisible." View Show Notes →