Dave Willis

Dave Willis is a speaker, author, relationship coach, and television host for MarriageToday. He works with his wife, Ashley, to create relationship building resources, media, and events as part of the team at MarriageToday.com and xomarriage.com. They have four young sons and live in Keller, Texas.

Episodes appearing in

When should you talk to your son about the dangers of porn? Author Dave Willis recalls his past struggles with porn, and offers dads some valuable insight into broaching this topic with their sons. View Show Notes →
Dave Willis talks honestly about where he feels men are missing the mark. He reminds men that selfishness is the opposite of respect, and advises men to train their sons to serve others as Christ did. View Show Notes →
Dave Willis recalls a time when his middle-school son came home and asked him a question that shocked him. He encourages parents to initiate those challenging conversations with their sons as soon as possible. View Show Notes →