Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson and his wife Ann are hosts of FamilyLife Today®, FamilyLife’s nationally-syndicated radio program.

Lead pastor, Hall of Fame college quarterback, and nationally-touring speaker, he wears a lot of hats, but it’s his singular passion for enriching lives through spreading the Word and wisdom of God that truly defines Dave.

Since attaining his seminary degree, Dave has transformed his passion for sharing the message of Christ and unique nothing’s off limits style into a 30+ year career in ministry. As a cofounder of Kensington Church, a national, multi-campus church that hosts more than 14,000 visitors every weekend, Dave’s energy and experience allow him to engage with crowds of any size.

FLBlended Podcast

Life in a Blender: Dave and Ann Wilson

guest: Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine, Dave Wilson | Understanding the long-term effects of divorce and remarriage on kids is difficult. A good way to start is to ask an adult…

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Things Weve Learned From Dennis And Barbara Rainey 3

What We’ve Learned about Trials

Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, talk about all they’ve learned from watching the Raineys walk through trials. Dave and Ann also answer Dennis’ favorite question: What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

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Things Weve Learned From Dennis And Barbara Rainey 2


There’s great value in remembering where you’ve come from. Dave and Ann share what the Raineys have taught them about marriage through their example, as well as their teaching.

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Things Weve Learned From Dennis And Barbara Rainey 1

What Being Mentored Taught Us

Dave and Ann Wilson talk to Dennis and Barbara Rainey about what they’ve learned about marriage through the years. Together they share how Dennis and Barbara have mentored them throughout the seasons of life.

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Vertical Marriage 3

Getting Closer to God and Each Other

Dave and Ann Wilson want couples to know that when they draw closer to God, they will become closer to their spouses emotionally and sexually.

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Vertical Marriage 2

How to Resolve Conflict

Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, talk about marital conflict. The Wilsons admit that they had a lot to learn about conflict when they got married. Together they share what they’ve learned.

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Vertical Marriage 1

Shut Up and Repent

Dave and Ann Wilson look back on a turning point in their marriage. Dave takes us back to his big wake up call, and together they share what they did to get their marriage back on track.

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Whats Your Purpose

What’s Your Purpose

Do you know God’s purpose for your life? Dave and Ann Wilson, talk about their pain, skills, and opportunities that contribute to God’s greater purpose in their lives.

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Conflict What Starts It

Conflict: What starts it?

Conflict happens, but what do you do with it? Dave and Ann Wilson relay a story of their most epic disagreement. Lou Priolo deconstructs the root cause of conflict, and helps us see our sin.

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Marriage Tested In The Furnace 2

Recommitment to Their Future

Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, recall an anniversary dinner that couldn’t make up for the negligence Ann had felt over the years. Learn how the Wilsons brought the love back into their lives.

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