Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson and his wife Ann are hosts of FamilyLife Today®, FamilyLife’s nationally-syndicated radio program.

Lead pastor, Hall of Fame college quarterback, and nationally-touring speaker, he wears a lot of hats, but it’s his singular passion for enriching lives through spreading the Word and wisdom of God that truly defines Dave.

Since attaining his seminary degree, Dave has transformed his passion for sharing the message of Christ and unique nothing’s off limits style into a 30+ year career in ministry. As a cofounder of Kensington Church, a national, multi-campus church that hosts more than 14,000 visitors every weekend, Dave’s energy and experience allow him to engage with crowds of any size.

Episodes appearing in

If it looks like your son or daughter has abandoned their childhood faith, don't lose hope. Dave & Ann Wilson, and Bob Lepine say, you can remain a steady influence in their lives. View Show Notes →
What are the common potholes parents fall into as their kids get older? And what are six things parents can do when they see their children walk away from the faith? Dave & Ann Wilson and Bob Lepine, explain. View Show Notes →
In the Bible patience means "long-suffering." Dave and Ann Wilson, with Bob Lepine, explain why this is so important for parents, and why showing gentle grace in the midst of irritation makes all the difference. View Show Notes →
Dave Wilson, Ron Deal, Kyle Idleman, Lacey Buchanan, and Mary Kassian tell their stories of hurt and disappointment, and their biblical source of hope. View Show Notes →
Dave and Ann Wilson walk through an acrostic built around the word "touch." They offer helpful ways for husbands and wives to communicate love through non-sexual touch. View Show Notes →
Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, talk about the value of communicating love to your spouse using non-sexual touch. They share stories about their failures and successes. View Show Notes →
Because Jesus came to earth, believers have identity and purpose. Dave Wilson explains the ways Jesus' birth affects every aspect of our lives. View Show Notes →
The old boys club that is pervasive in our culture teaches men to treat women as a commodity. But Jesus treated women with respect and dignity. Dave Wilson encourages men to follow Christ's example. View Show Notes →
On our wedding day we think the vow we make to our spouse will be enough for our marriage. Dave and Ann Wilson share about some baggage that we need to prepare for prior to marriage. View Show Notes →
The culture has old rules on how to do love, sex, and dating and they really don't work. Dave Wilson explains some new rules that do work. View Show Notes →
guest: Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine, Dave Wilson | Understanding the long-term effects of divorce and remarriage on kids is difficult. A good way to start is to ask an adult who experienced life in a blended family. Ron talks with “FamilyLife Today” host Dave Wilson about his childhood blended family experience. Show Notes and Resources […] View Show Notes →
Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, talk about all they've learned from watching the Raineys walk through trials. Dave and Ann also answer Dennis' favorite question: What is the most courageous thing you've ever done? View Show Notes →
There's great value in remembering where you've come from. Dave and Ann share what the Raineys have taught them about marriage through their example, as well as their teaching. View Show Notes →
Dave and Ann Wilson talk to Dennis and Barbara Rainey about what they've learned about marriage through the years. Together they share how Dennis and Barbara have mentored them throughout the seasons of life. View Show Notes →
Do you know God's purpose for your life? Dave and Ann Wilson, talk about their pain, skills, and opportunities that contribute to God's greater purpose in their lives. View Show Notes →
Conflict happens, but what do you do with it? Dave and Ann Wilson relay a story of their most epic disagreement. Lou Priolo deconstructs the root cause of conflict, and helps us see our sin. View Show Notes →
Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, recall an anniversary dinner that couldn't make up for the negligence Ann had felt over the years. Learn how the Wilsons brought the love back into their lives. View Show Notes →
Dave and Ann Wilson recall their earliest years of marriage and the problems they couldn't resolve. Hear how God gave their hearts a makeover and transformed their shaky marriage. View Show Notes →
Take your marriage beyond the mediocre by following the advice of authors Dr. Joe Stowell, Dave Wilson, and Gary Thomas. View Show Notes →
Dave and Ann Wilson talk about how unresolved conflict builds bigger walls within a marriage, and they share the most important key for building stronger relationships. View Show Notes →
Dave and Ann Wilson relive the details of a particular story of conflict from their marriage. They explain how they resolved it, and how it brought them closer to one another. View Show Notes →
Conflict in marriage is neither good nor bad. Dave and Ann Wilson say it can even improve your relationship when it is resolved constructively. View Show Notes →
Does your life seem boring? Dave and Ann Wilson say your life can be surprisingly influential to those around you, if you will only share it. View Show Notes →
What is God's purpose for your life? Dave and Ann Wilson believe that you are exactly where God wants you to be. View Show Notes →
According to Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, a man's relationship with God is key to unlocking the mystery of marital intimacy. View Show Notes →
Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, explore the complex and wonderful dance of marital intimacy as they share their own unique dance experience. View Show Notes →
Dave Wilson, a pastor and the chaplain for the Detroit Lions, shares two more points of authentic manhood as he challenges men to be strong and courageous. View Show Notes →
Dave Wilson admits he's as messed up as the next guy. The only difference is Jesus and the courage Dave finds in following God's instruction for men to be strong and courageous. View Show Notes →
Pastor Dave Wilson recalls one of his Sunday sermons when he publicly apologized to the broken and blended families in his congregation for the church's weak attempts to reach out to them. View Show Notes →
Christ's light still shines, even in dark times. View Show Notes →
Dennis Rainey talks to Detroit pastors Bob Shirock and Dave Wilson about the response of the churches there to lift Christ up and make Him known. View Show Notes →
Hardship often leads to discouragement. View Show Notes →
Where do you turn when life gets tough? View Show Notes →