Davey & Kristi Blackburn

In November 2015 Davey’s wife of 7 years, Amanda Grace, was tragically murdered in a home invasion. Davey was left to pastor their church as a single dad of their 15 month old son, Weston. 2 years later Davey remarried and God’s redemption story began to unfold. Davey and his new wife, Kristi, have devoted their lives to helping people through their valleys in life and teach them that when following Jesus, Nothing is Wasted. Davey and Kristi live in Indianapolis, IN with their three kids, Natalia, Weston, and Cohen. They founded Nothing is Wasted Ministries to help people partner with God to take back their story.

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How do you navigate grief and remarriage? Ron Deal, Davey & Kristi Blackburn know the happiness of finding each other—amidst the reality of losing someone you love. View Show Notes →