David Eaton

David Eaton is a cofounder of Axis which started in 2007. In 2017, Axis teams spoke to 24,000 students, provided resources to 80,000 parents, and helped start 1 million conversations between caring adults and teens. The magic of Axis is Culture Translation: interpreting student trends for parents while translating timeless theology, philosophy, and essential questions of life for their teens. Axis believes in the power of life-on-life discipleship between caring adults and the next generation!

"I wish there were 100s of groups like Axis. We are losing the next generation. We need help from people like Axis to reach teenagers." Dr. Timothy Keller, Author and Pastor at Redeemer Church, NYC.

David is married to Lindsey and they have 3 young children. David plays drums and uke, roasts his own coffee, and he is always collecting great questions that will start great conversations. The Eatons live in Colorado where David is also a part-time youth pastor for about 20 teens at his home church.

Episodes appearing in

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