Dean Inserra

DEAN INSERRA is a graduate of Liberty University and holds and MA in theological studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the founding pastor of City Church in Tallahassee, Florida. He also serves as an advisory member for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Leadership Council with the Southern Baptist Convention. Dean and his wife have three children.

Episodes appearing in

Culture is lying to your kids in faith-altering ways about sex. Dean Inserra describes how to respond in ways pertinent, loving, and truthful. View Show Notes →
Purity culture warrants the impassioned scrutiny. But is purity itself oppressive? Pointless? Author Dean Inserra pulls us back to sexual flourishing. View Show Notes →
Serious flaws in purity culture deserve scrutiny. Is there still a place for sexual purity? Author Dean Inserra dives into God's flawless design for sex. View Show Notes →
Is trying to be the best you actually ruining you? Author Dean Inserra dives into the satisfaction of getting over yourself to return to the humble truth. View Show Notes →
When you suspect your marriage problem is actually your spouse -- what then? Author Dean Inserra plunges into what to expect from marriage when it goes wrong. View Show Notes →
In our quest for successful kids, is there a chance we get things ¦wrong? Author Dean Inserra challenges the vision we hand our kids of God-as-Life-Coach. View Show Notes →
Dean Inserra contrasts the difference between those who say they are a Christian and actual followers of Jesus Christ. Inserra walks us through the list of cultural Christians, and why they are missing the mark. View Show Notes →
Dean Inserra reminds us that salvation isn't a rite of passage, but a response to your understanding to the gospel. Find out what to say to a child when he or she wants to ask Jesus into their heart. View Show Notes →
Dean Inserra explains there are plenty of people who claim to be Christians but when it comes to Christ, they are clueless. Inserra talks about the best way to reach people who don't know they're lost. View Show Notes →