Debi Pryde

Debi and her husband, Tom, live in La Verne, California, where they stay active in their local church. Debi has taught various ladies’ Bible classes and spoken to ladies’ groups for over 30 years. She developed a ladies’ Biblical counseling ministry for Christian women in the Los Angeles area while attending Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, California. She’s presently serving as a staff counselor for Lighthouse Baptist Church.
Debi and Tom have two adult children and six grandchildren.

Hardship And Suffering Day 4

Abuse: A Generational Curse

How can the cycle be broken? Isn’t divorce the answer?

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Hardship And Suffering Day 3

Build-Up, Blow-Up, Make-Up: The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Learn how to identify the build-up, blow-up, and make-up phases of an abusive relationship.

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Hardship And Suffering Day 2

The Profile of an Abuser

How can one identify a potential abuser before marrying him? What are the signs?

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Hardship And Suffering Day 1

Domestic Violence: Understanding the Issue

Just how prevalent is domestic abuse in our culture? What about in the church?

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