Deepak Reju

Deepak Reju, MDiv, PhD, serves as the pastor of biblical counseling and families at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC) in Washington, DC, as well as president for the board of directors of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. He is the author of several books and articles, including Great Kings of the BibleThe Pastor and Counseling, and On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church. Deepak and his wife Sarah have five children.

Episodes appearing in

Hanna Seymour and Jaqueline Anderson Meza tell their stories of courtship and dating their husbands. Deepak Reju has some advice for singles who are lonely and dateless on a Friday night. Shaunti Feldhahn gives her perspective on the singles' landscape based on her research. View Show Notes →
Deepak Reju says, husbands need to be patient after confessing their addiction to their wives, and must give their wives time to come to a place of forgiveness and trust. View Show Notes →
Deepak Reju reminds us that our identities are in Christ, and not in our sexuality. Are you going to worship Christ, or the images on a screen? It's a battle you can't afford to lose. View Show Notes →
Is purity difficult for you? Pastor Deepak Reju wants you to know there's hope. At the root of sexual struggle is a heart that's at war with God. View Show Notes →
Deepak Reju gives advice to a woman about what to do if her boyfriend won't commit to marriage. If a man continues to be ambiguous about the relationship, a woman needs to break it off and let him grow in his faith. View Show Notes →
Deepak Reju talks about what happens when Christian women date men who aren't believers. Reju delves into the reasons why it's not wise to be unequally yoked, and why Christians are to only marry in the Lord. View Show Notes →
Deepak Reju explains why young women settle for less when it comes to their relationships with the opposite sex. Reju talks about what it looks like to be a lady-in-waiting on God. View Show Notes →