Dennis DeShazer

Dennis DeShazer is a veteran producer specializing in the development and production of children’s media properties. He has produced for a wide array of entertainment media, including television, home video, feature film, audio, and live performance.
As a co-creator of the internationally acclaimed Barney the Dinosaur, DeShazer played a key role in Barney’s development from the time the character was created and introduced in 1988. DeShazer helped establish and maintain the property’s strategic and creative missions as it grew to include major programming, sales, licensing, and promotional units.
In his role as Executive Producer, DeShazer oversaw all Barney-related programming activities. He oversaw the production of 128 episodes of the Emmy® Award-winning Barney & Friends. He also supervised numerous other Barney productions. DeShazer was a founding member of The Lyons Group, the entertainment unit of Lyrick Studios that produced Barney programming.

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