Denny Burk

Denny Burk (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Ethics at Boyce College, the undergraduate arm of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as associate pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Burk edits The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood and speaks and writes extensively about gender and sexuality. He is the author of What Is the Meaning of Sex? and coauthor of Transforming Homosexuality.  He keeps a popular blog at

Episodes appearing in

Denny Burk and Heath Lambert explain that while some sin is external and comes from the outside, other sins are internal and stem from our own desires. View Show Notes →
Heath Lambert and Denny Burk remind us that God wants all of our desires to conform to His will, including homosexual desires. View Show Notes →
What did God have in mind when He created male and female? Denny Burk reminds listeners that sex exists for the glory of God, which means that our sexuality puts God's glory on display. View Show Notes →
What is God's purpose for sexuality? Denny Burk unpacks Genesis Chapter 1 to discover God's purpose in designing males and females in His image. View Show Notes →