Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles

Diane Dierks is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Georgia. She is Executive Director of the Center for Navigating Family Change, a non-profit that provides co-parent education and other services for the courts. She is also co-host of the podcast Co-Parent Dilemmas.

Rick Voyles is Diane's podcast co-host. He is CEO of the Center for Dispute Solutions. He is also a published author, mediator and anger management specialist.

Listeners may contact us at 1234Dilemma@gmail.com or leave a voicemail on our website at CPDilemmas.com.

You can find our new podcast companion journal at I Am NON-Impossible: A 12-Week Journey to Co-Parenting Peace.

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High-conflict co-parenting is a common struggle in blended families. Ron Deal speaks with Diane Dierks & Rick Voyles on how to improve co-parenting conflict as you prioritize what you're fighting for, change your response, & consider your kids first. View Show Notes →