Don Stewart

Don Stewart is a veteran officer of the sheriff’s department in Green Bay, WI. He is certified by the federal government to train officers and health care professionals to respond to domestic violence. He teaches law enforcement at a college, is the founder and president of Mid-West Turn-A-Round Trainers, and was Ambassador for Promise Keepers.

Hardship And Suffering Day 4

Abuse: A Generational Curse

How can the cycle be broken? Isn’t divorce the answer?

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Hardship And Suffering Day 3

Build-Up, Blow-Up, Make-Up: The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Learn how to identify the build-up, blow-up, and make-up phases of an abusive relationship.

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Hardship And Suffering Day 2

The Profile of an Abuser

How can one identify a potential abuser before marrying him? What are the signs?

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Hardship And Suffering Day 1

Domestic Violence: Understanding the Issue

Just how prevalent is domestic abuse in our culture? What about in the church?

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