Doyle Roth

As a successful businessman and a long-term church elder, Doyle Roth has worked with hundreds of couples from every walk of life. He's seen the power of God's Word heal hurting marriages and he's watched man-to-man confrontation revive hardened hearts.

Doyle's reputation as a straight shooter and caring friend has made him a sought-after counselor and public speaker. Doyle offers a seasoned approach to family life rooted in the Scriptures and in his own life experience.

In addition to his counseling work, Doyle has now enjoyed over forty years of "happily ever after" marriage with his wife, Nancy. They have four grown children, twelve grandchildren, and make their home on the family ranch in Colorado.

Doyle is the author of Oops! I Forgot My Wife and Oops! We Forgot the Kids.

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